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Asangoham YouTube video

This post is relative to a recent Asangoham YouTube video (link below) and what I describe as "misuse" and "theft" (an unclear, self applied application, for “egoic” common use) of Adi Da's 7 Stage schema. This type of creative use of Adi Da’s Teaching is commonly done by many individuals, spiritual teachers, philosophers and others. Of course, its to be expected others will make use of Adi Da’s Teaching but it seems at least they should make note Who IS the Source of the Wisdom. Thank you, Matt and Asangoham producers for doing so in the The Seven Stages To "Full Enlightenment" video.

There are so many beings well known on the world stage that know of or are well steeped in Bright Adi Da’s Word, but fail to grant the respect due to Him as the Source of how they have either been inspired by Him or make use of His Teachings. This is lacking in integrity of due human heart process. Any being true to One Heart Unity, humanly matured in and beyond the first 3 stages would not hide behind a new creation as if it is solely their own. There would instead be the brave heart willingness to respect vocally and visibly the human and spiritual transcendental Source. Even though, and more so, given the obviousness that Adi Da is controversial and offends the ego act of all!! In response I offer a further process of education, by directly referencing Bright Adi Da’s Words and Process so that the uniqness of how this schema is made use of in His Transmitted Reality Process.

I must also say I have watched numerous very well produced, educational and beautiful Asangoham YouTube videos, which I can highly recommend!

We should note, the final editorial work to be done based on Beloved Adi Da's Instructions for the The Dawn Horse Testament we have yet to see. But there have been presentations and booklets about aspects of these important clarifying instructional changes He Gave. The Inherent and Intrinsic Wordless Bright Grace Process cannot be altered, however, and is the "same" in Essence for all in relationship the the Isness of IT.

IT cannot be achieved by seekers using His Word as "practical application of the Teaching". The purifying phenomenal signs of the esoteric process will differ depending on the psychobiography (vasanas/patterns identified with as a separate self: the illusion) of the ego act. In this tapas, the True self as devotee, as egoless servant, Awake in Divine Process/Self is not annihilated and does exist, Lives (Breathed) creatively as a gratefully subordinate servant IN Bright Love Bliss. This Reality Process /Living Leela magnifies Bright Being, all inclusive Heart Blessing.

Have you heard and seen and felt the numerous Instructions from Adi Da in how to make use of His Seven Stage schema?

Below is one of many links to the matter

Adi Da: "The self-Contraction Developed In The Context Of The First Three Stages Of Life Shows itself, In The Context Of The Frontal Line, In A Hierarchical Pattern-Progressing From the head To the bodily base Via A Range Of specific emotions and bodily and mental states that Generally Would Prevent Spiritual Communion With My Divine Love-Bliss. In The First Actually Seeing Stage Of The Way Of The Heart, My Devotee Must Be Already Equipped To Always Immediately and Directly Transcend The Potential Of these various states To Prevent Spiritual Communion With My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Love-Bliss; Therefore, In The First Actually Seeing Stage Of The Way Of The Heart, The Spiritual Process Of Such ego Transcendence Is Primarily Engaged Relative To Patterns and Degrees Of self-Contraction That Would Merely Diminish, Rather Than Prevent, Direct Communion With My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Love-Bliss."

From The Dawn Horse Testament, Sutra 44 without parenthesis, (which must be included for the fullness of the reception of His Transmitted Word)

Adi Da: “In this Way or Yoga, the ‘seven stages of life’ and the ‘seven practicing stages’ do not correspond to one another exactly (number by number), except in the… fifth, sixth, and seventh stages of life respectively. Practicing stages one through four…are initially a CULTURE of adaptation to (or toward) the fourth stage of life, and then, progressively*, to the seventh, stage by stage.* (Of course…the seventh stage of life informs and inspires the practice at every stage of the Way that I Teach.)”

From the original version of the book “The Illusion of Relatedness

*Beloved Worked with available devotees (myself included) in the Writing of this book, for the sake of His Divine Self Revelation and Communication of the direct Process. He then Waited for the SIGNS of consistent Awakened responsibility IN LIFE from the COLLECTIVE. In continuing to do so, further clarifying communications Happened around the word "progressive". This word being replaced by "developmental". He also then included the clarification that many (most) beings may NOT experience or show advanced fourth or fifth stage phenomenon as part of the purifying release of energy and attention from being bound to these infinitely possible experiences (all mind).

He also further clarified that the 6th stage "phenomenon" (dissociative limited realization-void-no arising) is NOT, in Bright Reality Process, a natural segue to the 7th.

Also The Four Thorns of Heart Instruction makes clear the distinction between the Bright Avataric Process of Descent (Thumbs) and the seekers (self created and enacted) phenomenal process of the first 6 stages.

The 7th Stage Stands Free, Always Already and is the Moving and Living Grace of any TRUE devotee (in-Love fidelity IN Truth Satsang that transcends ego act), Bright Process.

Study The Basket of Tolerance too, even though it also has yet to be published.

Adi Da Samraj: "There Is No One To Surrender"


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