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Can you feel your heart beat?

Can you feel your heart beat?

It is happening.

You’re not doing it.

So what are you?

You just are.

You just have to feel into the source of the heartbeat.

And the source of the breath.

Feel where the inhalation begins and where the exhalation begins.

The source of that.

Each breath and each heartbeat.

Just simply feel that.

Where is the breath arising?

Where does the gesture of inhalation begin?

What is the source of it?

You just have to feel it.

The gesture of exhalation, likewise.

It is the life in which you are persisting.

What is breathing you?

What is the source of each breath?

Feel just where it arises.

You mustn’t try to escape it.

You must allow for this dependency.

But feel the source of it.

For real.

Without any resistance or reaction.

Just where it begins.

You utterly depend on that.

Each breath.

Where is it initiated?

What is the source of it?

And the heartbeat, below the breath.

Beyond the breath.

You depend on it.

So you have to trust it.

Simply feel it.

Simply feel the source of each inhalation as it begins, exhalation as it begins.

Right at the point of its initiation.

Simply feel that.

Feel into that.

Each breath.

Just that.

Keep your attention on it.

Your feeling-attention on it.

You can do that directly.

You needn’t regard any other thinking, emoting, sensations.

This can always be done directly.

Adi Da Love Ananda 

Drifted in the Deeper Land


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