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Copyright and the Avataric Samrajya of Adidam

It is important for devotees to see the information in the two links at the bottom of this post regarding copyright, particularly relative to making auspicious, HAPPY, expansive, sacred use of Bright Siddha Adi Da's literary or visual Works of Sacred Art and also to evaluate the manner in which ASA (*Avataric Samrajya of Adidam) lawyers are applying it. The Sacred function of the ASA is according to Beloved Adi Da, "must simply see to it that My Gifts are made known in perpetuity .....and, to keep My Voice functioning in a Free manner".

The key HEART question to ask/consider is this: Is the relationship between the ASA and ALL devotees and the "world" one where by there is a mutual IN Love Bliss recognition responsive respect that cooperatively enables collaborative right sacred/intelligent/ creative use and expansive, happily, all inclusive, freely passing on/giving over/dissemination of Adi Da's Prasad, which is meant for ALL beings?

Or is the ASA counter productively suppressing devotee’s responsively ecstatic/attractive creative force of Awakened ecstasy?

Adi Da Love Ananda: "This world is the cult of "Narcissus", suppressing the ecstasy that is Native to all beings." January 4, 1974

The ASA has sadly become a politically motivated, ego self protecting, legal/financial/management mechanism employing the grossest conventional legal tactics and strategies to shut devotees down and ostracize them. ASA is given directives by the RSO office as if "she"/they own all of Adi Da's Treasures and control devotees service relationship to them.

This Reality Process and Realization Gift of which Adi Da IS cannot be owned or controlled or sold.

January 24, 1974 Bright Siddha Adi Da: "The Spiritual process must take hold in the vital. The vital is the seat of unconsciousness and subconsciousness. There is an aspect of the verbal Teaching that does not touch the subconscious and unconscious life. So it is only by distracting you from your social consciousness that I can take you in the vital.

The Divine Person is the Lord of this world, not the Lord of the "other" world only. The Divine is absolutely the Lord of this world. Thus, there is no Yoga if the very cells of the body do not begin to be Infused by the Divine. When I crash down and enter My devotee, I come down into him or her in the midst of life, because it is in life — not merely in any mystical or subtle process, not in any mental process — that I "acquire" you Spiritually.

The kind of thing you see happening around here has never happened in the world before."

Links to descriptions of “copyright” and “fair use”

Adi Da : "The Adidam Holy Samrajya has in its province My Gifts, and must simply see to it that My Gifts are made known in perpetuity. Therefore, it has all kinds of responsibilities relative to My Teaching-Word, all the Sacred Treasures of the Reality-Way of Adidam, and this Hermitage and any other such places that are directly associated with My Own Direct Work (and that of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order) in perpetuity. The Sacred Treasures exist within the domain of the Adidam Holy Samrajya. It must be a free domain functioning in perpetuity, and not have to do business or seek membership. It should be completely independent, non-dependent, supported in perpetuity so that it can exist and simply keep the Sacred Treasures available, keep My Voice Functioning in a Free manner.”


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