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In Bright Truth There Is No One To Surrender


This (There Is No One To Surrender) must be Most Perfectly Realized to be So, As IS, In Divine Self Recognition .

Not turned in to a mythological cultic colloquialism that beginners self apply. This kind of revisionism ends up pardoning the ego self/other from the necessary preparatory and developmental sadhana of self observation/understanding and the unique, in agreed upon detail, design of going beyond these insidiously perpetually patterned dramatizations.

These unique to each, yamas and niyamas, are essential in order to free energy and attention that is otherwise bound in the duality of the torque of attention and separate self identity.

This devotionally intimately design of accountability is NOT a religiously applied doctrine within a dogmatic program, hierarchical structure or authoritative code of cultic participation and application of the secondary and supportive disciplines as if a singly applied ritual of practice is the same for all.

No idealism nor philosophy or faith can replace the requirement for Heart Intelligence discrimination awakening new and different agreed upon actions.

These new actions are applied, accountably in devotional intimacy, consideration relationship, in the free observation of the falsity/dramatization of the psycho biography of the ego act. This dramatized act is thus effectively devotionally surrendered and  transcended.

In Bright Satsang the new action is Real and True Only then and when True Hearing, Seeing and non dual reciprocally responsive Divine Communion becomes constant. 

Devotionally Given, non separate self act (egolessness) is thus signed by the responsibility Awakened in the Gift of Samadhi of the Thumbs. 


And in due course the Perfect Practice in enabled for True and Real. And thereby no illusions or delusions can make this Radical Understanding false.


Love Bliss Radiance, all inclusive, no dissociation is thus Signed. 


There are many Profundities that are tossed around among the gathering of Bright responsive beings as ineffective colloquialisms that prevent and delude. This cultic liability prevents authentic Actualization and Evaluation of Bright Process for each and every devotee.

Adi Da Samraj, Says:

Conventional ‘religion’, traditional ‘religion’, typically expects to be believed on the basis of making grand pronouncements. That is supposed to be sufficient to enforce belief, to justify belief. The Reality-Way of Adidam is not based on that. That is why I have not been spending all these years simply Telling you Who I Am and Telling you to believe it.

I am always in ‘Consideration’ with you, Addressing you directly, Revealing Myself to you directly, and looking for your responses, finding out what is your ‘experience’, and ‘Considering’ that with you.

Adidam Ruchiradam is based on your ‘experience’ of Me, not My announcements about Myself. Where that ‘experience’ is in you, and confessed by you, yes, I can Address it. And I Do and Say things about it, Say things about Myself, but on the basis of your responsiveness, of your real ‘experience’. But when you simply ask Me to tell you something for you to believe, what am I to say? I am not interested in doing that. I am not interested in being here merely as an authority, saying things that you should believe. I am not here inviting pious belief. I am here Dealing with you directly, in most realistic terms.

Ours is a ‘Reality-Consideration’ together. I Am Present As I Am, but you have to find Me out. And wherever there is a confession, ‘experience’, and so forth, that demonstrates that you have found Me out, then I Address you about That Which is Revealed to you, That Which you are in touch with. Then, what I Say about It is useful to you, meaningful to you, it is self-authenticating. Not merely because I Say it, but because you have the living ‘experience’ that corresponds to it.

So, the Reality-Way of Adidam is not based on pious belief or pronouncements to be believed. It is based on your transforming ‘experience’. And without that, it does not make any difference Who I Am or what I Say about Myself, because I am not here to enforce belief, piety, adherence–not at all. That ‘technique’, which is so much used by traditional ‘religion’, is, in My View, no longer of any use whatsoever. It is no longer possible as a basis for the ‘religious’ life, the real ‘religious’ life.”  





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