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Julie Anderson talks with Ed Reither #4 (part 1)

Julie talking with Ed (#4 part 1)

Julie: Is this writing below yours or a compilation? Ed's reply was "both"

“Once the individual passes through the crises of ego death and the knot in the navel is ‘severed’ the heart breaks open then the beginning of the fourth stage of life begins.

Energy is felt to be centered in the region of the middle chest. The life energy is no longer associated with the left side of the heart and the downward current. The current of life is reversed. The revulsion of life energy, needing to be ‘thrown out’ has turned. Breathing comes in and out of the heart region and the navel is expanded. Breathing falls naturally into the navel, the belly has dropped. The navel is expanded with life energy the contraction or knot in the navel is gone.

One is aware and awake from the heart. The feeling center of being is the middle heart. Feeling is awakened and the mummery of life is awakened. The play of life is just that a play. Life is no longer a ‘serious’ affair, humour is awakened and laughter is alive. Every moment is a moment of ‘unfolding possibilities’ without the crunch of death pressing in.

This stage of live is the beginning of the Subtle, Astral or Higher Mind. The mind continues as it did before only in the context of the Open Heart. Feeling is awakened and is not the orgin of ones life. The horror of this is the ‘madness’ of life and what ‘others’ are doing. The unity of what one feels at this stage is alive and the need for strife, struggle and the fight for survival is ended. One is alive and is Lived. The breathing if happening and the mind is running, the Witness is Alive.

In some cases the Mind is ‘blank’. Nothing is happening any more. The content of images and visions is gone. One closes ones eyes and there is nothing there. It’s a blank, black screen. Breathing is alive and feeling is pulsating. Thoughts continue and are witnessed. Freedom is apparent. Your home, and the Paradox is Awakened. Not just philosophically but Actually, in every moment.

Human demands of life are exactly the same. The only difference is ones relationship to them. The Mystery is awakened and the responsibility to ‘submit’ to That Which Is is Constant and Alive. This is the beginning of spiritual life.”

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