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Om Ma Da

In Bright Satsang, the right life, recognition responsive relationship to anyone or anything ("thus it becomes obvious") is the capability to Live In/Be action As inherently unqualified Radiant Love. This is direct Real Heart fidelity, the attracting, enabling embrace that is all inclusive/embracing Divine service.

In Truth, no True Heart motion can be shut down. Yet, full spectrum ego acts always only shuts down the ever boundless Bright Form of Open Eyes. The Bright Heart pervades and IS the Source and Substance of "All and all", let IT Be So.

The Divine Self Position priesthood, always serves, enables and conducts Bright Beloved Adi Da's Heart Intention and His Purposes of Love Blissful Radiant magnification.

Not institutionalized ownership, control and cutting off of True Hearts expansive/inclusive creative devotional service. No most auspicious linking can occur this way.

If the "church" leadership and functionaries are not able to sell "it's" fabled goods/narrative for power/money/survival, the organization must reflect upon its own actions/errors and choose to engage Bright Relationship Fidelity wherein regenerative/freely creative/maturely responsible and relationally auspicious developmental changes create new In Love actions and Happy radiating results.

If governance and leadership claim sole authority to themselves as devotees in relationship to a chosen subjugated gathering, sloughing off responsibility for negative, unhappy resultant signs, this reactive distancing implies fearful culpability and ego self /other protection.

These kinds of actions have nothing to do with "protecting/setting apart" Adi Da as the Source, or preserving and extending His Access Gifts/Treasures/Means.

Adidam is NOT to be organized or run by influences/consultants of the Catholic church.......or any other traditional modes of historical East or West.

East/West history are the causes of perpetual and present time wars...

Wake Up!

Om Ma Da


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