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Oness IS Equal Eyed

Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga is the only spiritual process that is Inherently (Not Two - "Equal Eyed")  


"Shakti" in Bright yoga is not the same "the shakti" initiated in kundalini yoga.


Franklin Jones speaking in 1968: 

"I had no then present Intention to Teach others, since I was not yet Satisfied that My sadhana (or practice toward Most Ultimate, and Inherently Most Perfect, Divine Self-Realization) was Complete. However, I wrote to Baba Muktananda, Calling upon Him, in the traditional manner, to Bless the Work that was already spontaneously Functioning inMe."


Shown (below) is a small portion of a letter in which Baba Muktananda was Blessing "Franklin" to serve the function of a transmission master for his own devotees.


Baba Muktananda 1968: 

"Based on this Principle (or the obvious reasonableness of this Argument), you (because of your direct Experience and Knowledge of Kundalini Shakti Meditation and, Thereby, of the DivineSupreme Inner Self) have, in accordance with Tradition, both the (Hereby Affirmed) Actual Ability and the Inherent (and Hereby Affirmed) Right to Initiate, or Cause, (True and Spiritual) Meditation in others (or, altogether, to Teach, Initiate, Establish, Guide, and Awaken others in thePractice, the Process, and the, Ultimately, Perfect Realization of Siddha

Yoga Meditation, or True and Spiritual Meditation on, and, Ultimately, Perfect Realization of, the Divine Supreme Inner Self by Means of the Kundalini Shakti Transmitted, and Directly Activated, by you).

With an Authority based on this same Principle (of Experience itself), the Scriptures Testify and Declare (and I, likewise, Affirm to you) that, if you have Faith (or genuine Trust) in the Guru, and if you (persistently)Meditate on your (Inherent) Oneness with the Divine Being, and if you Maintain an “Equal Eye” of Regard toward all human beings, the Goddess, Chitti Kundalini, will (always) Help (and Support) you Fully, and She will not only Grant you the appropriate (or right) enjoyment of (human) life (or the appropriate natural, or ordinary, fulfillments of human life), but She will also “Fill” (or Perfectly Fulfill) you with (the Gift of Ultimate, Perfect, and Final) Liberation.

Therefore, May you (by the Grace of the Goddess, Chitti Kundalini) Realize (or Obtain and Achieve) Perfect Absorption In, and Perfect Identification, and Perfect Sameness, With, the Divine Being, and This by Means of thePerfect Fulfillment of your Primary Duty, Which Is to Worship the Divine Being by Meditating on your (Inherent)Identity As the Divine Supreme Inner Self. Thus (Saying This), I Give you my Blessing."

Born to reveal and awaken all In Heart Reality Truth , Adi Da's "root guru" was always and only the Bright Itself. This is why He "went beyond"/"parted ways" (without dissociation or unlove or lack of gratitude) with Baba Muktananda's functioning as His Guru and the traditionally established lineage within the Advaita Vedanta framework.



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