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Reality Consideration

This post is prompted by a recent discussion on Facebook in which a devotee asked about the process of “reality consideration” in Adidam and, in this discussion, there was a reference to a comment I made in the context of a Beezone interview. Please note, my comment below refers to the Teaching Years.

My comment: "Reality considerations were an all consuming samyama (investigation) into any and all aspects of life (both mundane and spiritual) and the processes and practices that related to sadhana. The fundamentally important questions about our existence in and as truth and love were at the core. It was also a way to investigate one’s action as ego “I”, underling motives, perceptions and conceptions about life and relationships, unconscious and subconscious patterns, etc. For example, the process could refer to one’s diet or exercise, one’s discipline or lack of, habits of speech, emotional and mental patterns, or any addictive behaviour that manifested in your personality, etc. On a more profound level, these considerations focused on yogic, religious and spiritual teachings, understanding and phenomenon. These examinations, of course, inevitably related to one’s emotional-sexual-social patterns. All this content was the fuel for the process of radical self-understanding".

Please see following excerpts from Bright Siddha Da’s Words in The Aletheon where He Refers to “Consideration” and “consideration”

“Much of what is conventionally called “religion” should be thrown away, based on a very intelligent “consideration”—because it is just a form of humanly invented consolation for rather childish egos.”

“If you are not absolutely certain of something, it should not be affirmed absolutely. It may be interesting, it may be worthy of further “consideration”—but if you are not absolutely certain of it, you should not affirm it absolutely. In Truth, the only thing that can be affirmed absolutely is Reality Itself—Which Is Truth Itself. No mere “point of information” can be absolutely affirmed. Therefore, any mere “point of information” is simply a subject of further “consideration” or discussion, and should only be tentatively affirmed as something that may be the case, as something that seems to be the case based on some level of evidence.”

Addressing scientific materialism

“Other people argue against belief in conventional “God-religion”, based on the “technique” of simple affirmation of the concepts (or existing interpretations of

“objective reality”) associated with scientific materialism—and, thus, with

out adding any other (especially, exoteric “religious”) interpretations. However, the entire conflict (between scientific materialism and conventional “God-religion”) is a rather mechanical (or prepatterned, and predictable) exercise of the dualistic (or inherently “self”-divided, and pair-patterned, and “point-of-view”-bound) ego-

mind. Indeed, this apparent conflict is mere cultural, social, and political “show business”—an absurd mummery of “self”-important players, whose argumentative flourishes merely distract the mind of humankind from the Truly Great “Consideration” of Reality Itself, Truth Itself, and Real (Acausal) God.”

“The Realization of the True Divine Heart is the Ultimate (though never Most Perfectly Attained) “Goal” of the “great path of return”. Therefore, Realization of the True Divine Heart is traditionally understood to be possible only at the end of a long course of

Spiritual practice. In Truth, the True Divine Heart Is not the “Goal” but the

Foundation of all right and true practice and Realization. Why work to “Find God” at the end, when devotional Communion with Real God can—and should—be the content of your

life of practice from the beginning? This Is My Question to you. This Is a Consideration” That Is Fundamental to My Divine Avataric (and always and entirely seventh-stage-of-life-Based) Reality-Teaching.”

“Through the (necessarily, formal) practice of The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam), really and truly engaged as really ego-surrendering, and truly ego-forgetting, and directly ego-transcending devotional Communion with Me, and (in the constant context of that formal

practice of devotionally Me-recognizing and devotionally to-Me-responding Communion with Me) through real “consideration” of My Avatarically Given Divine Heart-Confessions, My Avatarically Given Divine Teaching-Arguments, My Avatarically Given Divine

Image-Art, and The Recorded and Remembered Life-Stories of all My Avatarically Self-Manifested Divine Transcendental Spiritual Work (Whereby I have Reflected individuals to themselves, and Blessed them to Awaken)—individuals who truly devotionally

recognize Me, and truly devotionally respond to Me, and (altogether) truly are devoted to Me can (by Means of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Transcendental Spiritual Grace) come to understand (and transcend) themselves, and (Ultimately) to Most Perfectly Realize Me (As Who and What they, and everyone, and everything,

Really and Truly Are).”

The following are my words

The word “Consideration” and “consideration” have been used throughout all the years Of Bright Adi Da’s Revelation Leela and Instruction. Like many of the words/Words He made use of, during His Bright Avataric Incarnation, their “meaning” cannot be taken out of the Context/context within which they were Spoken or Written or are being received.

His Words are His Divine Literary Art Form, always pointers, as “Agency”, secondary to His Direct Being and Form that IS Reality Truth which is Bright Satsang (the ONE which we recognize and by Grace respond to via Heart intuitive attraction and In Love Yoga, effortlessly).

This Bright Context IS THE Process of Reality Consideration in direct relationship to Siddha Da, AS Satsang and Conformed Sangha. This is the Esoteric Essence Context in which all secondary (and necessary) aspects of sadhana are practiced, in every aspect of life and relationships, all inclusive, until Divine Translation.

The capitalized “C” refers to Conscious Light “Consideration”, Direct Heart Yoga, the essence of recognition responsive, esoteric self understanding, ego transcending feeling awareness and Perfect Knowledge Yoga.

Feeling “Consideration” of His Divine Person and of the “secrets” of devotionally activated (by Grace Alone) Yogic Signs of recognition response to non dual Spiritually Transcendental Being and Nature, the One and Only IS of all and All.

The small “c” refers to matters that necessarily require full examination (not as an endless effort of “self-watching” preoccupation) for “radical root self-understanding” to mature into True Hearing. This developmental process relates to all the secondary aspects of preparedness and adaptation, that serve this process of “sensitization” in which self-transcending yoga can occur, which is, the process that frees energy and attention for the most fundamental “Consideration” or whole bodily Turning Yoga of Heart Communion, that becomes Seeing.

Both “Consideration” and “consideration” continue until Divine Outshining.

This process only Truly begins upon the Absolute necessity of Real Radical Root Recongition and Responsive Devotion. This foundation Relationship is That Which IS egoless (His Divine Person, Bright Space Of Being, Alone).

There is no fixed pattern that can contain Bright Conscious Light as if there is “a course or structure”, that can be entered into, that can cause Conformity or Communion or Radical Awakening or Root self-transcending yoga. The Process of Reality Consideration is One and Only, always Alive, artfully, intimately, engaged in relationship (not merely subjectively). This is the greatest of all art forms, AS Water Itself.

Consideration in the “Teaching Years” occurred by virtue of Heart Master Da’s Ordeal of Submission. After Da Love Ananda’s Divine Self Emergence and Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Translation, His Outshining Demonstration, these essential “Considerations” and “considerations” occur now by our recognition responsive submission alone. That is the significant difference. This is the consequential difference between seeking and no seeking.

Siddha Da’s “Submission Consideration” ended. Although He Communicated, via His Shout and via His Orpheum Trilogy, that, as individuals and as a collective, the consummate turn about had yet to occur, most fully. Indicating this by saying there was no True Sacred Orders yet that embodied this Right Asana, to SET HIM APART.

The past form of reality consideration was meant to end, NOT True Reality Consideration Itself. The entire Way IS Reality Consideration, whole bodily participation. All aspects of life lived, subordinated to Him Alone, by Grace, in unqualified relatedness. No recoil, all inclusive with the True devotee thus transcending point of view and all mummery enactment as ego-”I”-other dynamic.


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