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Reality Renunciation Has a Different Origin...

Over all the years of Adi Da's revealing the Divine Self Condition and giving teaching instruction in direct relationship to thousands of people, we have to listen very carefully to every word and argument whilst being receptively and responsively awakened in Bright Satsang.

Nearly 50 years later and I am still noticing that wherever energy and attention is still bound in gross, subtle or causal aspects of being embodied, there are liabilities active (pattern patterning pull) that lead to revisionism and misunderstandings of the Radical Reality Process of ego self transcending yoga.

Adi Da is again (surprise!) addressing the emotional sexual persona below. Yet the words "emotional sexual" could be replaced with any form of self identity, content or experience and the fundamental argument still applies, however "light or dark" in the spectrum of qualified cosmic light, wherein an infinite number of potentials appear. 

1975 Bright Beloved Adi Da:

"I don’t know what you all think I was talking about when I spoke to you last, but I was making the point that real renunciation has a different origin than the egoic motivation toward behavior change or idealized behavior. Most profound renunciation may have the appearance that you would call being celibate, but that doesn’t mean it’s about being celibate. It simply has nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with sex; that’s all. It’s no heroic self-emasculation job, wearing iron underwear and all the rest, and pretending to be virtuous.....

Behind every smiling self-contented, clean celibate is a secret biography. And everybody has one, whether they describe it or not, so what’s the point of pretending it’s not so? Really dealing with it is what it’s about. That’s what renunciation requires, really dealing with it. So after you’ve been through the bath from head to toe, then you’re sort of cleaned up. But you’re only Bright because your Master patted you on the head.* 



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