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22 November, 1985

BRIGHT SOURCE, ADI DA: Perhaps none or very few of you will respond to this Radical Consideration. Nobody really has yet, so I am not all that hopeful about it. You have my Dawn Horse Testament, which is the total spectrum of consideration in summary and accounts for all kinds of people. Still, the essence of the Teaching is most radical. Will you be most radical in your application of it? That is the question, you see, and in my observation of everyone over the years, I have observed that that radical approach to this practice is not typical. Not at all. How do you think there got to be such a massive Teaching? Initially I wrote The Knee of Listening, opened up a storefront, and began to talk and sit with people. The original Teaching was presented in just that simple, most direct, radical form, but a larger, expanded Teaching, covering all possibilities and all details, developed over fifteen years in conversation with others. After that period I summarized the consideration in The Dawn Horse Testament, but my fundamental consideration with you has always been radical. I have observed that you do not tend to respond to that consideration, but I am not going to bury it. It is in the Testament itself, and I will always look for that rare individual who may move rather quickly through the stages. I will always look for people to truly understand me and bear down with this consideration and cut through these mediocre stages of semi-application of my Instruction that you call practice.

The Self-Nature is inherently pure, inherently Free. It does not need to be worked toward – it needs to be Realized directly. Realize it directly and you need not go about self-improvement, you need not plod through the six stages. You need not do any of that crap anymore. Wake up and stand Free and live on that basis. It is not a badge. It is not grounds for becoming a famous ego. It is nothing of the kind. It is Freedom itself. It is God-Realization, Transcendental Awareness, full Awakening to Reality Itself, transcending the illusions, the deluding power of mind, the illusions of conditional existence, the illusions associated with basic identification with the body, and the whole complex of illusory human mind. All of that must be observed and transcended in a flash of insight, not removed. In that flash of insight you Realize the Ground, the Nature of Nature, the Seat of it, the Condition in which it is arising.


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