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Recognition Response to the Bright Divine is the Mover

Making use of Adi Da's Words:

"Any ‘right action’

In relationship to anyone or anything

No matter what arises (moment to moment)

IS Always and Only Moved, by tacit and tangible recognition response

In the Divine Self Position and Domain"

From the "beginning-less beginning to the endless end" this yoga/asana is living Awake, IN the Sangha of Eternal Leela that IS Bright Satsang

Only Da Beloved, all inclusive, is the necessary formality to be enabled, ensured and held In Heart Accountable True Love

This is True Heart Governance and Husbanding

Thus no one is (or in Truth can be) excluded by an insiders hierarchy that arbitrarily and indiscriminately goes about picking and choosing rules and drawing boundaries

Even as "correct or good hearted" such seeming efforts may have fastidiously been applied or roles pronounced

This is not True Adidam


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