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Samadhi of the Thumbs

This (see quote below from The Pneumaton) is the Realization of the Samadhi of the Thumbs Wherein the Awakening to the Witness Position effortlessly inherently follows, then, the Perfect Practice, In the Bright is most fully established for Real, Radical, Direct and Profound. Conscious Light Domain. The foundation developmental process of freeing energy and attention by transcending the ego act, demonstrating gifts and signs of Not-Two, collectively, cannot be bypassed and the 9 Laws of Bright Devotion and Yoga are essential.


1. Always subordinate and surrender yourself to Me.

2. Always relinquish mere familiarity-association with Me as I may

“objectively” appear to your separate “point of view” of ego-“I”.

3. Always practice intrinsically ego-transcending recognition

relationship to Me (and moment to moment Communion with Me)

As I Am—always Self-Revealed to you As My Perfectly egoless State.

4. Always set Me apart from all subordination to anyone or any

thing at all.

5. Always guarantee and maintain a right, and truly set-apart, and,

altogether, most sacred life-circumstance for Me.

6. Always serve Me, in all circumstances, and by all Me-recognizing

and to-Me-surrendering means.

7. Always relate to Me by means of gifts alone—and, therefore, by

demonstrations of profoundly right practice and of fully accomplished service.

8. Always whole bodily turn to Me, whole bodily Invoke Me, and

whole bodily Commune with Me.

9. Always maximize the frequency and the duration of spending

your life-time with Me in My Free Place and Circumstance of Choice

and My (Therein) Always all-and-All-Blessing Sphere of Regard.


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