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Spiritual Communities – Adidam

What Ed has written here to be made use of as a reflective educational tool for necessary consideration and evaluation, aligns with the consistent criticisms Adi Da Love Ananda gave to the entire gathering up until the day of His Mahasamadhi.

These critical reflections Adi Da Revealed occurred in Bright Satsang. The effective right use of such Teaching is entirely dependent on Lessons having been learned, stable growth, responsibility taken with corresponding individual and collective signs manifesting. Because Adi Da is no longer embodied this essential necessary reflection has significantly waned. There is an insidiously consistent revision of His Bright Heart Way that has taken hold.

The very mechanisms Adi Da tirelessly Worked to establish to potentially ensure that this revisionism would not take hold have become corrupted by functional/institutional bureaucrats.

The Samrajya itself was also established to ensure this fraudulent conduct would not happen. Tragically the Samrajya is now run by functionaries who are not True elders, priests nor renunciates.


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