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The Guru Is Sufficient

When Beloved Adi Da speaks here (The Guru Is Sufficient), He is not speaking to separate beings. He is speaking to a sangha in Satsang. The sangha, hearing Him, in recognition of Him As the Divine Heart of Being, collectively turns as Lovers, wherein all gross, subtle and causal errors (conflicts of duality) are resolved. Then, and only in this Awakening, is human, religious and spiritually transcendental practice (and business) most creatively and auspiciously handled. Only then does the collective Sangha make room for Bright Siddhis to manifest the Signs and Gifts required for the transfiguring and transformative Work of the Reality Process Itself to actualize. This is the Process of Divine Self Authenticating Truth.

Where is the demonstration of this Radical Divine Self Understanding being formally inspired and demonstrated as Bright Sangha in the world with no separation or dissociation or isolation?

What governing order and sacred structure is enabling all of this inclusiveness, prior to and beyond all form?

How is the inherent Prior Unity manifesting the self organizing accountability to fulfill His Bright Divine Self Awakening Call, to each and all, and be thereby, In Love demonstrated?

Listen carefully all Lovers IN Bright Beloved Siddha Da Love Ananda.


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