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The outcome of Trump's Trial

I am not a Trump fan at all. Nor do I feel that it makes any moral sense whatsoever that a convicted felon can continue to run for any office "of the people, by the people or for the people".

What kind of leader do Americans want, to represent them?

It can also legitimately be asked of Biden, and all of todays global world leaders (historically inclusive) ; are ALL of you, squeaky clean? Perhaps a very very rare few. Have you been and are you above the law? Or is it simply you have not been brought to justice yet? 

Where are the globally agreed upon systems of justice that demonstrate transparency, full moral integrity, above and beyond  your (and ours) own ego i-other fueled, competitive top dog, blood thirsty, money hungry political agendas?

The impact of the obvious remarkably accepted characteristic moral negligence of "leaders" across the globe, defines the historical and present time paradigm gripping and perpetuating this warring world. 

An entirely NEW way forward it required. 

Read Not-Two Is Peace by Bright Siddha Adi Da


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