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The Reality Basis of a Life of Intention

Does the present time "Adidam culture" attractively, with Reality integrity, demonstrate/encourage/serve the Happy free energy and attention for maintaining the consistent Consideration required that justifies a life of True and Free discipline, GROWTH IN God Realization?

No. Being fully spoken, openly and honestly about this, is not acceptable as the "Adidam culture" turns its wheels. Seeming is the dominant motive rather than Being Real. Shadow rooms manifesting as intimate power bubbles, "devotional groups" and strategic back room politics prevail and thus define this gathering. "Formally" acknowledged or not is entirely irrelevant because the "form" that could/must have integrity has been collectively revised. The Radical Understanding of "necessarily formal" has not yet manifested. Even though the "heroic" dominance of a few devotees assuming the roles as senior approved voices propagandize and purport their "rightness" of interpretation. These are the ones who own and control Adi Da's Treasures. Sufficient proof of this fruitless and un-ending falsity is being exposed. It is actually eerily embarrassing and painfully laughable that these play actors are seemingly unaware of the lack of human maturity, self-understanding and self-discipline being dramatized while standing on the podium with a whip and key conducting access to empowered Treasures. Where is the court jester guild, and artists and priests and healers Joyfully serving "right" life incarnation that requires no authority to approve these necessarily all inclusive creative services in Bright Truth?

Is a collective unconscious sick joke that it is OK to vehemently "protect and hide/pretend" even to the point of destruction or distinction? Dramatizing a mythological error around a notion that "self discipline must fail" in order to rise out of the ashes? True Heart self-discipline is artfully applied and thus regenerative and creative LIFE.

Or, some may react to Him as "other"-authority and rebel by reactively indulging themselves alone or with others in self-other destructive ways.

Or, some may suffer delusions of grandeur in the mode of; "I am Awake and beyond need of any discipline!", saying one thing based on experientially presumed advancement while not living the visibly incarnate inspiration/attractive Signs that would coincidentally correspond and reverberate into and as the whole?

Or, in response one may then strategically and effort-fully tweak, picking n choosing, aspects of their grossly embodied life structure to be more and more disciplined. Even yogically/mystically or transcendentally overly full of themselves!

OR some may feel proud or good about themselves because they may be "dotting all "i"s/crossing "t's" and "minding their ps n qs" through a very strict application of self discipline.

The present time culture/collective calling itself "Adidam", in and as the world, still demonstrates the repetitive dramatization of egoically perpetuated patterning, tightly dressed up and in the costume and program of insider/outsider "devotees".

However, some may and will inevitably, responsively Heart Understand Bright Adi Da and responsively, artfully and effectively embrace/release at root, the entire bodily being, as a Bright Lover, incarnating as a sacred vessels for Bright Purposes wherein devotionally, with discrimination, agreed upon/accountable "right life" is Lived. Wherein, one is inherently/ spontaneously Heart sensitive to minimum/optimum balance, breathed, synchronous with all, responsibly mature, fully vulnerable, visible and transparent IN Outshining Love Blissful Being. One and Only, all inclusive.

Happy, Radiant and Free, Bright True servant devotees, and Instrumentality is the NEW agreed upon force/sign of discipline required IN Reality as IS Truth devotees.


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