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There Is No Death for Me

After Adi Da Love Ananda Spoke these words (see link below) to a gathering of devotees in 1984. During the years following 1984, He continued to Instruct us about His inevitable Mahasamadhi.

The Talk in 1984 (see link below) communicates one aspect of His Instructions. As with any Teaching He Gave, it is essential to study and comprehend the Whole of His Person and Treasures and Leela.

Adi Da often brought to our attention the liability in relationship to His Bright Blessings, Treasures, Transmission and Leela to "pick n choose" or take out of context" or "steal/take for our separate self use".

In the last year of His Life (2008) and in fact for many preceding years, Bright Beloved continuously made very Clear, that He had Accomplished and Given and irrevocably Established all the Means necessary for devotees to enter into right relationship to Him.

However up until the day of His Mahasamadhi, He was forced, by our individual and collective lack of right response, to struggle with our reluctance and refusal to take on the collective mantle of responsibility ("burden") to ensure the WIDE, all inclusive, integrity/linking required for "the Great Mandala of His Work". This (our responsibility) was required for His Work to most effectively be authenticated, established, sustained and grown.

Adi Da often Fought and Shouted to remain Bodily Alive and He indicated He would be required to leave His Body because of our lack of response. After His Mahasamadhi, myths have been spoken and written, through changing His Leela and Words to suit an extremely narrowed view of Him and His Work (and what He did irrevocably establish).

A breaking of the essential Bright Fabric of Prior Unity (the inherent integrity of everybody all at once) has now taken over His Work.

In fidelity to the True Heart, the One and Only, all inclusive Very Self, it is appropriate to ask; where is the collective of transparent voices and visible beings in enough numbers required to bring accountability to the cultic insiders/outsiders delusional tragedy of self proclaimed advancement without the obvious signs/Laws having been fulfilled? Where is the service to all responsive beings to bring the dramatization of collective errors to an easefully yielded responsive turn-about? The Sacred Priesthood that is empowered to enable this turnabout is remaining reluctantly quiet, two faced or does not yet exist. Yet, it could so quickly

manifest, all inclusive. No time or space or need or due process is an impediment. True devotees Radically Understand this Reality Truth and Process that transcends time and space and all structures therein. As more "time and space" is taken for this collectively re-chosen mummery dramatization, His Bright Treasures are not being served most auspiciously by the available numbers required. The “Vast Mandala He Empowered and Established” is not being cultivated/linked in the esoteric manner He Revealed. This refusal to submit to His Specific Instructions is especially the case on the Brightness Grounds where Adi Da's Mahasamadhi Temple that Houses His Bodily Form, is being made wrong use of. His Person is being choked and narrowed by a limited view of ownership and control. Any truly sensitive Bright Priest would be abundantly aware of this error and neglect.


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