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Very Totemic and Very Aboriginal

When I returned to live with Adi Da intimately in his Gurukula, after having lived in Australia for a number of years, I spoke with him about my feeling observations of and gratitude for the indigenous culture here in Australia. He said to me:

"It is through the indigenous Aboriginal culture that Australian's will come to know Me, not through the general European populace or culture. Tell this to the Australian devotees." 

Which I did......

Commentary from this (see link above) recent 2024 exhibition in Venice:

“Traditionally ‘God’ can appear in Aboriginal life as a flash of ‘white’ light or a refraction of light into the seven rainbow spectrum colours."

"WE..... the everywhen.....

The past, present and future share the same space in the here and now.....

One cannot fix the dreaming in time. It was, and is, everywhen.....

"constructing an algebraic equation to solve an intangible, immeasurable problem”

"If we go back 3,000 years, humanity all has a common ancestor. So it’s about the human global family tree as well.”

Adi Da's artwork was also exhibited at the 2007 Venice Biennale.

Totemic means to be regarded as being symbolic or representative of a particular quality or concept


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