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What are "we" waiting for?

Is "Adidam" made up of "superficial variants" of authoritarian roles and subjugated congregations with cultic insiders/outsiders drawing inauspicious structural boundaries around access and service or IS True Love ITSELF moving Awakened brothers and sisters IN Recognizing BRIGHTNESS ALONE AS one another IN Prior Unity?

DRAMATIZATION of egoity, which is a dark and delusional rampant, obstructs this Freely Given Awakened capability/responsibility. This fact cannot be denied.

Adi Da would often make a poignant indication to devotees He Worked closely with saying "so goes you, so goes the ashram, so goes the world". "All and all" reflecting mechanisms. He also indicated that IF recognition responsive devotion IN the Bright Itself is Truly Lived, directly serving each and all to be directly accountable to Only Truth Itself, all inclusively lived in unqualified relationship active Happy/Free collective, then, transformation would be obvious. This IS Adidam. The first sign of this integrity and authenticity would be NO conflict. He indicated that the function of the most mature devotees/priesthood would be to actively, visibly and accountably ensure this SIGN of UNITY. Not by force of authority, but inherently and visible to all, demonstrated and thus manifested as "everybody all at once".

THIS IS C+T=P (Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace)

He also said repeatedly and in no uncertain terms: "DO NOT make overly much of functional entities, congregational distinctions, roles, rules and rituals. Make mention of these simple distinctions/differences in a few words in the back matter of MY Teaching books. DO NOT make more new literature about this. MY Teaching is complete".

Another CAUTION that has been ignored.

Consequently, since Adi Da's Mahasamadhi mythological revisions, power/position politics have taken hold and have fiercely done exactly what Adi Da indicated, LOUDLY and with the greatest passion should not be done.

The resulting deluding destructive, divisive signs are clear. Unless the ego is in denial of its own act and actions and thus self/other possessed, blinded and unable to feel and see the hurtful collective ramifications/reverberations.

These truths are heart breaking to say the least. This deceitful enactment is a bastardization of "Adidam" to be blunt. Will this most obvious drama be Understood? This radical feeling insight can be embraced humanly, heart to heart. This is the Radically Essential Lesson, intrinsically breaking this continuing collective consent that enables, supports and submits to perpetual ego active authority, followers and politics.

The SIGN required is an immediate, moment to moment radically NEW agreement. Not caused in time and space.

What are "we" waiting for? Grace, to make our collective responsibility to happen? If this waiting is assumed, nothing Adi Da has Taught has been Understood, and transmitted Recognition is not counter egoically/actively Lived. And thus as Adi Da would say "you are not being My devotees, you are thieves and liars and impostors".


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