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A Necessary Cultural Clarification

See below a comment made on YouTube in response to an interview I had with Jeffrey Mishlove (interview link above):

"Julie stop making negative comments about the gathering of formal practitioners not being perfectly Self-Realized beings. Beloved is working in all of us, as all of us. Return to formal relationship to Him and burn off the rest of the distance you are holding on to that is creating them . Then you will be a voice of Truth that will serve the fruition of It."

My reply to the comment made on YouTube:


Bright Blessings are all pervading, constantly accessible to everyone and everything. "Formally acknowledged" or not is irrelevant in this most fundamental regard.

In the last year of Bright Adi Da's life he said that the formal congregations would not be necessary if there was a True and Real culture of recognition responsive devotion "setting him apart" (not scapegoating him as a cultic other). In the same communication he said to "not make overly much of the congregations" nor the "codes and structures". 

I have come to feel it is necessary to clarify primary misconceptions in your response about simply participating with the presentime "formally acknowledged devotees". These devotees comprise a very small, underdeveloped and struggling institutional organization that counterproductively revises, owns and controls Adi Da's gifts to humanity. This is fact. Of course you are free to assume and communicate that this is simply dissociative "negative criticism" speech about a specific group (tribe) of practitioners. This is an oversimplification of significantly important matters that continue to be avoided and therefor go unaddressed or are not handled effectively. These facts are signed by  very few  positive outcomes and results, very little growth,  in response Adi Da's Gifts, Work. This falling short (on the part of all of us as a collective of thousands) becomes a disservice to all responsive beings, of which there are likely tens of thousands, if not more.

A private poll has been taken by devotees who directly know all those who are presently presumed to be "authentically  formally acknowledged". This tally indicated that 50% of the "formally acknowledged" devotees agree with the honest conclusions about Adidam that I, and many others, have voiced. It mistakenly seems, to some individuals, that what I voice comes from me. This is not true. My voice does not exist in a vaccum, nor "at a distance". What I have been communicating comes directly from Adi Da's communications. Many of which are being hidden from the larger gathering and the world, ineffectively so, however.It is clear by what you say that you do not understand the full picture, given your assumptions here are false. And therefor not useful.In principle, I agree with you in that participation in a true culture that demonstrates integrity is unquestionably most auspicious. A most essential aspect of authenticated culture requires honesty, transparency and accountability for each and every devotee, no matter what role or function one serves. "Formalities" presently do not demonstrate this most fundamental necessity. Not only is this obvious to thousands, in addition to this; to be "formally acknowledged " one must agree to not question (or challenge) governing authority or the surrounding leadership. This requirement for "formal membership" creates a humanly unhealthy environment and contradicts Adi Da's DIRECTLY given personal and collective instructions about cultural governing authority, leadership,  and  accountability. This is not a personal criticism of you because I do not know you.

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