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Links to Leelas (stories of Divine Play)

Julie's interviews with Jeffrey Mishlove (New Thinking Allowed) 

Link to Julie's first interview (Living with the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj) with Jeffrey Mishlove 

Link to Julie's second interview (A Penetrating Spiritual Experience) with Jeffrey Mishlove

Link to Julie's third interview (Spirituality and Death) with Jeffrey Mishlove

Link to Julie's fourth interview (Scandals at the Ashram) with Jeffrey Mishlove

Julie and Pauline Chew dialogues (Leelas)

Other Leelas

Stephan Blas Leelas




Great trees

Sal's backyard


Adi Da came to me


She Is Mind

An Immense Lover

Naitauba Arati

Floyd Hand and Adi Da Samraj 

A Divine Play of Adi Da 


She Is Mind Recording #1 

Yogic Transformation - 'The Cosmic Birthday Joke' - 1976 

Adi Da Devotee Voice

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