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Julie Pauline Sacred Artifacts Healing Leela Part 4

Da Free John, on “The Day of the Heart”, Sept 17, 1979 (1979 – 1986)“Revealed His Divine Nature as “Da” (Sanskrit: “the Giver”). The Name is hidden in the Upanishads, the venerable scriptures of India, in which “Da” is the syllable uttered by the Divine Voice in thunder, and the central syllable of “hr-da-yam”, which means “the Heart”, “the Divine Condition of all”. The Name “Da” also appears in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, where it is defined as “the one who bestows great charity”, “the very personification of the great Way of Liberation”. When He revealed the Name “Da” to His devotees in 1979, a new period of Avatar Adi Da’s Work began. He no longer related to devotees socially as “Bubba”, or Divine Friend. He began to be acknowledged by His devotees in a more traditional and sacred manner as the Divine Giver of Grace and Blessings. The Name “Da” has been Adi Da’s primary Name since


"There Is only cause for weeping, and for Joy. My Free right hand has brought my “othering” mind to rest—in the whole body’s lap of Prior Enjoyment. I Am Love-Bliss, only."

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj The Mummery Book

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