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Generation After Generation Cries Out

"Solidarity and accepting discomfort at the cost of Truth" she exclaims as an admonition to all. 

This is not merely a social plea, any Brightly Awakening being would be acting upon the basis of prior acceptance of Divine Tapas for Divine freedom purposes, all inclusive.

Where are the signs of this necessary collective embrace "organised" amongst those who indicate any kind of gratitude or understanding of Adi Da Love Ananda?

A primary purpose of Adi Da's Life was to enable instruments to demonstrate NEW prior unity action based in Reality recognition. This SIGN (inherently self organized) of Bright Intervention can serve to break the spell of fisted duality, conflict and war,  created by egoity. 

No True Adidam gathering exists and is not yet showing this inherent, prior unity Sign, humanly demonstrated, in service to humanity. Tribalism, even amongst all aspects of the broad Adidam collective response, formally acknowledged or not, clearly reins. The spell (we refused to allow to be broken while Adi Da lived and consistently addressed) continues.


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