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The posts below, are mostly assessments, that challenge the state of and activity within, the formal community of Adi Da devotees known as "Adidam" and the world wide gathering of beings who have responded to Bright Adi Da in all manners of possibility. Adi Da, many, many, many times throughout His Lifetime, made it explicitly clear what devotees would demonstrate if Adidam was fully incarnating, lawfully aligned and responsive (in recognition) of Him, His Teaching, His Spiritual, Transcendental and Blessing Transmission. He also consistently, up until the day of His Mahasamadhi, made it abundantly clear, that no single devotee or group of devotees had progressed beyond the sheer beginning of His Way of Adidam. These posts point to the obviousness of this summary conclusion still being so, now in 2024. Such discrimination is made by clear Heart sight of the lack of signs which Adi Da Enumerated would be obvious, if growth was occurring, beyond the fundamentals of developmental adaptation, in the Process of Reality Awakening. It has been 16 years since he took Mahasamadhi and now, upon consistent,  detailed examination and consideration and in communication and dialog with many others; His assessment of the response of His devotees being that of beginners only, remains abundantly crystal clear. These posts call, by a positively heart intended, necessary challenge, to all devotees and anyone who is responsive to and respectful towards Adi Da, to examine our individual and collective integrity of the Bright Reality Process. Make use of all the Means that are his Gifts as the direct measure. These Means are the only True, Real and Pure Governing authority at present.

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