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"Adidam is not what is conventionally called a “religion”. Adidam is a Way. Adidam is not based on absurd affirmations or beliefs. Rather, Adidam is about Reality Itself—Which Is Self-Evident, and, therefore, not a “something” in the realm or category of “things” that are either provable or disprovable. Adidam is a Reality-Way, with Reality’s Own Means provided—in Which you are Called to Really participate, such that you Really (and Intrinsically) Realize the Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself."

(Adi Da Samraj from The Aletheon)

What’s the Problem?

Egos Are Really Clever Primates


The Guru Is Sufficient

Bypassing The Beginning

What is Cultism?

Do Things Have to Change Collectively?

Is Adi Da a "crank"?

Here Requires This

The United Nations of Individuals

‘True Prayer’ Is Whole bodily Surrender To Me

Spiritual Leadership

The Orpheum Trilogy

Understanding is the first gesture of spiritual life

There Is No Death for Me

Recognition Response to the Bright Divine is the Mover

The Universal Moral Disposition of Prior Unity

There is no Ruchira Sannyasin Order apart from My Person

The End Of The Path Is The Way From The Beginning

Is Adidam a Religion?

The Super-Physics that IS TRUE Adidam and True ASA Sacred Purposes

Spiritual Communities – Adidam

Copyright and the Avataric Samrajya of Adidam

The Living Truth

Om Ma Da

Transcending the Conventions of Familiarity and Knowledge

Immense Mandala of Transmission

What are "we" waiting for?


Humankind must wake up

Nick talks to shut down tactics

Tragedy and Transcendence

Truth to Power

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