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The Universal Moral Disposition of Prior Unity

The first passage below is an excerpt from Adi Da’s Address to devotees in 1993 (link included). The second passage is from 1978 when Adi Da Wrote the Essay “Frustration: The Universal Disease”, which was later published as “The ego-Culture of Desire and The ego-Transcending Culture of Love” in Not-Two Is Peace (links below).

In these two Talks Adi Da Love Ananda points to the very same summary evaluation He often (repeatedly and necessarily) Gave to each and every devotee, after periods of testing and proving were engaged. This impassioned, urgently shouted, KEY Gift of His Instruction was Given again and again up until the day of His Mahasamadhi.

I cannot overemphasize this aspect of Bright Reality Process enough and it’s relationship to the significance of the entirety of Adi Da's Bright Leela.

Bright Adi Da:

"Spiritual life does not begin until the purification of the base of egoity, or irresponsibility relative to the life-signs, is complete. This purification must be realized first. If not, it does not make any difference how many Spiritual experiences you have. They cannot be effective in any great sense, and all you will do is delude yourself with them, as you now delude yourself with your ordinary life-experience.

The vehicle with which you are associated is so distorted by your egoic bondage and early-life problems that it distorts My Blessing. You translate It into yourself. You make It into egoically “self-possessed” experience, mere consolation, something you can then dismiss casually, doubt, forget about, not fully use. This is why the great esoteric matter, the great Blessing of Realizers, to one or another degree, of God, Truth, or Reality has traditionally been denied to ordinary people and given only to thoroughly tested renunciates. And you all think, because you read books and live in this egalitarian world where people are supposed to get whatever they like, that you can get this, too, without price, that there are no obligations, and that religion and all its blessings are just here for your amusement, for your consolation, a little touch-base for you while you otherwise indulge yourself in egoic worldliness. It is just not so. This is not how it works.

Spiritual Blessing is for renunciates. It is for those who are prepared. It is for mature people. And I am here to Baptize, to Bless, Spiritually, and to Awaken beings Ultimately, and not to suffer this struggle with ordinary, unprepared people who will not receive Me in any case. I have done enough of that struggle to the point of Giving you complete, thorough, absolutely tested, and in every detail manifested Wisdom relative to every aspect of the beginnings of the Way of the Heart and everything from there on. So you must deal with the beginnings."

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Bright Adi Da

“The human individual is immature—and always dissatisfied—until he or she out-grows mere personal desire (or even any search for ego-based ‘self’-indulgence), and, instead, lives on the basis of ego-transcending love (or the moment to moment transcending of ego-based desire-patterning), and thereby constantly demonstrates the Universal Moral Disposition of Prior Unity and the responsible intrinsic (or root) management of all functional and relational conditions of experience and action.

The truly mature human individual is, characteristically, free of all the intrinsically and inevitably frustrating limitations of conditional reality and the personal and collective relationship-politics of social egoity.

The truly mature human individual is radiant in the world, such that the Prior Unity of Reality Itself Is egolessly Alive As his or her human person.

Therefore, a world-collective of truly mature (and, thus, rightly humanly and esoterically acculturated) human individuals can create a truly human, benign, moral, and Reality-Enlightened culture, founded in the Intrinsic Self-Apprehension of the Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

Only such a world-collective of truly mature human individuals is truly free of the inherent and chronic frustrations that otherwise constantly and only produce subhuman societies, subhuman cravings, and subhuman destinies (both before and after death).”

Da Love Ananda Mahal 1978

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