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The Orpheum Trilogy

"The Orpheum Trilogy is a Self-Portrait of Reality Itself. It's not about anyone in an egoic sense. There is no one for it to be about, in the egoic sense. That doesn't mean it's a nihilistic presentation, no. It's a Reality matter, a Divine matter. It's about the Love-Blissful Nature of Reality Itself." Avatar Adi Da Samraj, April 17, 2008 In the last year of Bright Adi Da's life, He asked that His Orpheum Trilogy be studied intensively and frequently, theatrically enacted. This foundation responsive responsibility has yet to be taken on by the present time collective global culture and community.

There are thousands of gratefully available devotees who are willingly able to participate. If the present enactment of counterproductive authoritative restrictions of access were Brightly lifted, such responsiveness would be enabled for greater participation in fulfilling Adi Da's True Heart Calling to incarnate His Artistic Means. He also indicated that The Orpheum is the only text He had Written that was never, ever to be touched by any other writers or editors. Therefore, the Purity of this literary art form stands significantly unique amongst anything Da Love Ananda has Written.

"The Orpheum is a Direct Expression and Sign of My Own Person and Life. . . Indeed, it is upon the Base of My Orpheum trilogy that I have Revealed and Given the entirety of My Divine Avataric Teaching-Revelation." Avatar Adi Da Samraj (The Alethron)


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