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Humankind must wake up

From Not Two Is Peace

Adi Da Love Ananda calls all recognition responsive beings to participate in His Bright Revelation Being and Wisdom Process regardless of whether one or an "other" being is "formally" acknowledged by the present time Adidam institutional structures and codes and its heroic and fledgling efforts, dramatization and struggles.

All recognition responsive beings are called, by every aspect of Divine Truth and Tradition (lived with heart integrity), no matter what the seeming differences, to thereby agree, visibly, vocally and face to face, heart to heart, to demonstrate C+T=P. This profound shift cannot be demonstrated via the strategies of backroom politics and among cliques of differing points of views. The uniquely new order of action called forth by Adi Da has yet to be wholly agreed upon, facilitated and thus transparently enacted by this collective of recognition responsive beings.

Actively chosen ego politics (duality patterned dramas and issues) have this collective by the throat....still. Fisted conflict is being enacted and mythologicaly justified in all the circles of human, religious and spiritual and transcendental unconsciousness and immaturity. This mode of ego active attention still rules this gathering and the world, no matter how well intentioned some may feel they are functioning. No praise, no blame, no scapegoating here.

This insufficiency is entirely obvious to those vulnerably willing to remain open eyed. These few feeling aware beings are not enough. It is clear these insufficient signs are not being seen (or are being ignored) by those in deluded denial or by those who are blinded by the needs of a presumed separate self (or tribe) operating upon a lack or limit in Radical self understanding and responsibility. Therefore, arguments and conflict based upon illusions and delusions prevail and continue to define our individual and collective interactions.

"We", recognized as One in Truth, have yet to become a most auspicious force of Bright changes, unique to Adi Da's Radical Reality Person and Wisdom, IN and AS the world as a whole and As One Bright Self Being, Only, wherein, all are sacredly recognized and thus by Heart embraced and served in Love Ananda.

Because of this refusal, Adi Da Love Ananda's urgent Message and Presence is being obstructed and thereby unable to most effectively be received and responsibly enabled and enacted in the numbers (collective force) required to serve Its Transfiguring and Transforming Urgency in these dark times.

This Lesson needs to be observed, understood, and responsibility and accountability engaged, urgently, so a collective turn about can be implicitly, happily and inherently enabled.

The current governing global leadership is not inspiring this all inclusive necessity. This as Adi Da prophetically Speaks, is what needs to change. This Happening, so that all inclusive Truth, wherein differences can be celebrated for each unique sacredly sacrificial contribution In Divine Reality Truth are radically understood, thus respected, artfully embraced and sacredly useful.

To date however the signs still indicate that ego active desire, conflict, destruction and war define the collective of devotees and humankind.

True Heart linking is required by a consequentially conscious and visibly active force of Bright Oneness.

Soon before Adi Da's Mahasamdhi He passionately indicated that the leadership and gathering of devotees were failing to choose and enact, whole heartedly and bodily, this required linking. To date, this recognition responsive vision, respect and action among all is not occurring. Clearly.

Bright Adi Da:

"To imagine that a separate absolute Deity is in charge of the current chaos and suffering in the human world and in the Earth-world is to indulge in ignorance. Human beings themselves have intervened. Whatever the origins of the Earth-world are altogether, the natural domain is now being interfered with by human beings, in this time in which humankind has a total effect on the natural world. Therefore, humankind must not merely appeal to a parent-like "God" to change the situation. The Perfectly egoless Absolute That Is Reality Itself "Expects" (or Intrinsically "Requires") humankind to change its own act.

Human beings are causing negative events in both the natural world and the political world — because human beings are still mentally indulging in "tribalism", while (in actuality) they are globally face-to-face and in "one boat". The ancient "tribal" mode of human culture — in which human beings live in units that are, effectively, collective forms of egoity, living in conflict with one another — is what must stop."


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