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Spiritual Leadership



HEART-MASTER DA: The Communion must be guided by senior practitioners who have an interest in preserving the Way because they practice it, and who can always temper the qualities egos introduce into sacred institutions. We need such people in our own institution. It is one thing to enhance the level of competence of management, but everything must also constantly be overseen and tempered by a senior group of practitioners. Otherwise, inevitably, without even knowing it, devotees make this and that little move, and then another one, and another one – and before you know it a whole attitude and policy are being generated that run contrary to this Way of life.

A sacred institution should be the responsibility of sacred practitioners, individuals of the highest type within their tradition. Such individuals should be the institution’s ultimate resort and conscience.

It is not merely that a practicing order should be in charge, but that the Communion is the responsibility of people who have practiced the great discipline and Realization of the Way. Well – how can you guarantee that there are such people from generation to generation? Or that in the future this principle will actually be in effect? You cannot guarantee it. You can only serve the optimum development of such a circumstance and create a climate of self-criticism, so that the Communion will deal with its own limitations in time.

If you yourself are committed to the Way of life of ego-transcendence, then you must likewise, in your service to the Communion, make it operate in this ego-transcending manner. Do not let the Communion be an ego. You really cannot model an institution after the ego if its very members are devoted to the transcendence of the ego. Sacred institutions, therefore, must operate in a different fashion from worldly institutions. That they do not is a sign that they are not any different from worldly institutions. (June 21, 1982).

The above Address from 1982 speaks for itself. Adi Da Speaks to the precise error that is being dramatized by the present time Ruchira Sanyasin Office (RSO), The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam (ASA), The Adidam Holy Institution, the Adidam culture of devotees (all congregations), the Adidam community and the Adidam mission.

The BODY calling itself "Adidam", as a collective force, with specific service functions is a continuing demonstration of identification, differentiation and desire, as ego active patterning.

To reflect this ongoing drama to those who have claimed ownership and control is now entirely taboo. The exact opposite of Bright Adi Da's Instructions have taken hold.

Adi Da's Legal Will and Testament stated the exact Instruction in terms of how to ensure the Spiritual Context required for integrity and authenticity in relationship to HIS Work after His Mahasamadhi. The Instruction within His Legal Will was disregarded by those who took ownership and control. Delusions and errors took over. The repercussion are obvious and will continue to be destructive in relationship to Bright Beloved’s Treasures and all devotees and responsive beings.

This is entirely obvious. Adi Da Samraj saw this dramatization on His Body/Seat preceding and up until the very day of His Mahasamadhi and this is why His SHOUT became louder and more urgent and passionate. Deaf ears, preserving ego face, have continued to take control. If there was the open hearted availability to continue to Listen and to REALLY be held accountable for the root ego self transcending Yoga, whereby the psycho-biography of the ego act is gone beyond, by NEW FREE action, the SIGNS would be entirely different as a collective.

"Adidam" as it has been twisted by identification with Klic-Klac patterning is still being cultically defined by egoic interpretations and misuse of structures that determine and enact limited presumptions, not TRANSCENDENTAL SPIRITUAL Truth Itself. Therefore, developmental limitations still define the collective, calling itself Adidam.

Clearly present governance and leadership are in denial of these very clear dramatizations.

No governance or leadership should ever be set up, independent of accountability. This is in fact what the ASA and RSO office have done.


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