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Here Requires This

"Clark Kent"

If any being is able to really listen to what is Revealed here in these Bright Avataric Words, the spell of "Adidam" cultism would be inherently broken.

Bright Adi Da was endlessly coming up with new uses of language to provide imagery, humorous cartoons, theatrical characters, archetypes, metaphors, analogies etc that often stopped the mind in it's endless pursuit to try and seek knowledge about His role as Sat Guru Siddha Da.

Late in His Life, in the final years He humorously characterized Himself as "Clark Kent" (although simultaneously Revealing unique profundities) indicating that even the Role He assumed as a Siddha here in the red/yellow realm could not sufficiently describe the Work that has been irrevocably Accomplished in this cosmic domain by His Avataric Intervention.


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