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Understanding is the first gesture of spiritual life

In this talk (see link below), Adi Da Addresses the act of "Narcissus" and once again Reveals and further clarifies His essential and unique Gift of Radical Understanding the Argument that exposes the significantly consequential distinction between egoic dramatization and egoless “right action” in relationship to “any and all” that arises.

2004 Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Responds to a devotee’s question about ‘self’-observation’. His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“I was just asked a question by a devotee. What is she talking about? ‘Narcissus’.

She is sitting in meditation, turning to Me, and, all of a sudden, she starts looking at herself,

looking at her contents, or whatever that is arising at the moment. That is ‘Narcissus’. That is

what that is. Tacitly understanding this—meaning moment to moment, not having to figure it out, it is tacitly obvious—that is Hearing Me. It covers all the possibilities of ‘experience’, not just some dimension of ‘experience’. It covers, therefore, even potential Transcendental Spiritual ‘experience’. It covers all of the conditional ‘experiences’ potentially ‘experienced’ within any and all of the six developmental stages of life. Every kind of ‘experiential’ event that is potential for a human being, within the context of its complete anatomy—gross, subtle, and causal—is a sign of ‘self’-contraction. It is ego-bound, ego-made and, at the very last, at least conditionally limited, dependent upon conditional activity, conditionally arising. All of that must be transcended as a basis for the Perfect fulfillment of the ‘Perfect Practice’. The seventh stage demonstration is non-egoic and is not dependent on any conditional apparatus whatsoever. So you (rather naively) live, and speak to Me also, from the position of the ‘self’-contraction, and are identified by habit, by adaptation, by false presumption with the body mind-complex, the ego as a manifestation of conditional forms. Egoity is not only the ‘self’-contraction of the faculties, it is all of the contents and patterns to which the contracted faculties are subject, and with which they are bound up, combined with, constantly, right now. As soon as you get up in the morning, you are ‘you’. And you remain ‘you’ until the end of the day when you go to sleep. It is non-stop. You spend the entire day in the waking state, effectively ‘kneeling by the pond’, looking at yourself. And it does not make any difference ‘who’ or ‘what’ you are apparently perceiving, you are always looking at yourself. You are always turned upon your separate ‘self’. You are always wrapped up in the ‘self’-contraction of the faculties. And you have a long history, a lifetime history, an indefinable history, unlimited history, of living the life of ‘Narcissus’, of ‘self’-contraction, ‘self’-contracted patterning, and obsession with ‘self’-contracted contents. So, even when you ‘experience’ Me Transcendentally Spiritually, by tendency you turn on yourself. It becomes your ‘experience’, and suddenly you are very important. You have nothing to do with it. The vision, the ‘whatever’, is not the ‘It’ of it. I Am. And if you are My devotee and truly ‘experiencing’ Me Transcendentally Spiritually, you do not turn on the conditions that arise—even those that you feel are ‘experiences’ of Me that register within the faculties. But, because they are arising and you know it is Me, you turn to Me. If you do not, then (of course) you become deluded in one of six kinds of egoity, corresponding to the developmental stages of life. So, effectively, you are always being deluded by your own activity of ‘self’-contraction, and you must (therefore) constantly oblige yourself to exercise yourself in this ego-transcending manner. It is not about turning to some idea, some abstract concept. Where would that be? In the knot of ‘self’-contraction. Rather, it is always turning to Me—Me recognized, Me As the Source. If you think I am just an ‘organism’ sitting here, well, there may still be some kinds of benefit from concentration and relaxation by looking at Me, and so forth, but the process of this Way, the practice of this Way is not going to mature significantly. The Reality-Way of Adidam matures significantly only in your devotional recognition of Me, your spontaneous responsive turning to Me, your real sensitivity to Me, your ‘Knowing’ of Me through direct ‘experience’, ‘Locating’ My Blessing, being Shown My Person, ever more profoundly, in the course of the ego-transcending practice in My Divine Avataric Company—until your devotion to Me, your ‘Knowing’ of Me is Perfect, and the ‘Perfect Practice’ becomes possible and true. Until then, it is neither possible nor true, regardless of what you think.”

Adi Da Concludes:

“This is what you are doing (Bhagavan Adi Da makes the closed fist gesture)—’self’-contraction, or ‘self’-reflection. The ‘knot’ of the faculties is ‘Narcissus’ bending over the ‘pond’. When the faculties turn on their own contents, on ‘experience’—that is ‘Narcissus’ bent over the ‘pond’, looking in the reflecting ‘pond’ of the Non-conditional Reality. It is to be in the wrong position—seeing Reality in the form of illusions, rather than Realizing Reality Itself. Existence is as you realize it to be. It has every potential to be found to be as ‘self’-contraction finds it. It has every potential to Be As It Is Realized to Be when there is no ‘self’-contraction. It is up to you how serious you will become, in terms of the potential of true practice that perpetually turns to Me and Ultimately Realizes Me. It is all about becoming loosened from the bondage to the ‘method’ of egoity and the mentality that justifies it.”

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