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What’s the Problem?

Adi Da Samraj at Marin Danda (1988) Adi Da Samraj: So why didn’t you with all your friends see to it that things were done rightly here? I have been appealing to you all night and day for the last 365 days and more.

Devotee: I felt that my relationship to you included a kind of submission to the direction of others.

Adi Da Samraj: Of course you must make use of leadership fulfilling all kinds of responsibilities. But if they don’t, they are not leadership, are they? Hmm? You determine who is in charge. You all. Not Me. I’m not in charge. Those who assume positions of responsibility in this Institution are supposed to do so by the agreement of the membership. And as a gathering you should have the right of making a no confidence gesture. Hm? Don’t you think?

Devotee: It hasn’t been like that.

Adi Da Samraj: Well why not?


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