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‘True Prayer’ Is Whole bodily Surrender To Me

Adi Da's Divine Self Demonstration (during His psycho-physically embodied lifetime), often involved His Reflecting, Instructing and Giving all the Means necessary to serve the ego transcending Bright Yoga whereby the ego act is gone beyond and is "replaced" by True devotee recognition (of Only One Being, in and as all). Based in this recognition, the True devotee ceases to relate to the all inclusive Bright Divine Person as an "other" (neither personal, cosmic, or absolute).

Adi Da Played (during His Lifetime) with wearing costumes and roles, yet He, As Is, only the Bright Reality Person, always and only Transmitted Radical Understanding and Perfect Liberation.

He often spontaneously would graphically make use of person, place, event, shape, words, symbols, images and sound to artfully assist the Direct Transmission of Real devotion which is Root Recognition Yoga, the Bhava of responsibility that is Radical Understanding, Perfect Knowledge, Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga which is Absolute Freedom (not elsewhere, without dissociation) IN and AS Reality Realization Itself.

The quote (from Adi Da) below describes the limited ways beginning student devotees, all of "us", created one aspect of the egoic pattern around Him (superimposing the myth of God as an "other") that prompted Him to clarify "I am not the "Manager of your Saint n Ear Religion Business, or the jungle witch Doctor, or Pastor Da, or a Saintly Saviour, or a philosopher Sage offering a dissocoative escape route, or an oedipal other, or the Wizard of OZ, or Santa Claus, or a golden calf, a cultic Iconic Lover, or the Center of all ego acts, nor the scapegoat.....". There are so many more very graphic characterizations He offered. He did so always Conducting His Bright World Blessing Work.

In doing so He dispelled all myths at Root. Bright Leela Itself is not a myth of any kind. Thus, True Adidam is not a Leela of myths that are answers or solutions to egoic prayers. This unique culminating Revelation is a consummate distinction in relationship to the entire mythology of the whole of humanity (as a collective, universally assumed and presumed, history of identity). This egoless and mindless Prior Unity Yoga is His Bright Awakening Gift of Grace, the Radical Root Yoga, Reality Realization of the Only One Divine Self and Source Condition. Conscious Light, all inclusive.

Bright Adi Da 1979:

"True Prayer’ Is Not A ‘subjective’ Request For circumstantial (or ‘experiential’) Change, Not A Request That Is Magically ‘Answered’ (or Fulfilled) By An Independent, Interior, mind-Reading ‘God’. In The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given ‘Radical’ Reality-Way Of The Heart, ‘True Prayer’ Is The Essential Attitude, or Fundamental Posture, Of the Total body-mind-complex"

"True Prayer’ Is Simply The Unobstructed Relationship Of the Total body-mind-complex To My Avatarically Self-Revealed (and Intrinsically egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine) Person (The One and Only Person, or Intrinsically egoless Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and Self-State In Which the body-mind-complex is arising, changing, and passing away, and In Which the body-mind-complex Always Already Inheres)."

"True Prayer’ Is Simply moment to moment Whole bodily (or Total psycho-physical) Turning To Me—Beyond All Contraction Of mind, emotion, body, and breath.

‘True Prayer’ Is Whole bodily (or Total psycho-physical) Surrender To Me—Beyond ‘point of view’, Beyond ‘experience’, and Beyond the entire ‘world’—To The Degree That My Avatarically Self-Revealed (and Intrinsically egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine) Person Is The Master and The Beloved and The Destiny Of My Devotee.”


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