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Bypassing The Beginning

This communication (Only When) is the exact same communication Bright Adi Da gave to the entire gathering of His devotees up until and on the day of His Mahasamadhi.

Those who chose to take control after He left His Body have created a different narrative. A revision and a new mythology that counters what actually happened continues. Thus His Leela has been falsified. I am not telling a lie here. I do not say this for any reason of my own. This truth must be Understood.

HEART-MASTER DA: "Your particular dilemma characterizes everybody who has been involved in this Way to this point. The entire community was operating on that principle, totally coun­ter to my Wisdom-Teaching. It is not that I had not considered the matter. Rather, the motive toward self-fulfilling “realization” is the motive of egoity. This motive, not clarified by true hearing, was moving practitioners to falsely assume advancement and competence in their practice.

But notice that everyone bypassed the beginning. They felt already equipped with the self-transcending disposition. What they were really equipped with, however, was the self-­fulfilling disposition, the movement to be fulfilled by the Teaching Word, fulfilled by idealistic performance of this Way, fulfilled by association with me and the community. Everyone was moved to be satisfied, fulfilled, consoled, and was struggling against the reality of life in our Way and in my Company, which only serves the self-transcending impulse. You were all struggling with this Way, even while calling yourselves devotees."


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