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Transcending the Conventions of Familiarity and Knowledge

Heart open/yielded in Love, as body-mind-self devotionally surrendered, receptively feel into the paradoxes of these two Radical arguments of which Adi Da transmits through his Person and extends as Bright Wisdom Speech of words.

Beloved Adi Da's use of language is not meant for the tight fisted seeker who will turn them into being made use of in the ego active, familiarity knowledge matrix/maze.

He Speaks In and As the Divine Person magnifying the One and Only Conscious Light of Being Itself, that IS the True Self of everyone and everything, One and Only, all inclusive, no differentiation.

Bright Recognition is the key and law of radical devotion which is not effective/active in the ego-self made realm where relationships are only lived based on the conventions of familiarity and knowledge.

When this Free relationship to Truth and Life is awakened, via spontaneous recognition/responsive reception/True heart action IN Siddha Adi Da Satsang, the Way of the Bright Heart "begins" and never "ends".

Conscious Life action is thus demonstrated as True Heart Love, unqualified (prior to and beyond) while spontaneously/synchronously inclusive of all arising beings and things. Thus, familiarity and knowledge are transcended and conventions are creatively/artfully made Happy/Loving use of, to serve the True Divine Heart/Source of humankind.

Bright magnification Happens, Outshining problem and conflict.

C+T=P prevails and Joyful transfiguration and transformations take hold.

"Word and Rhythm of the Real"

This is True Adidam:

Bright House/Room of Visibility/transparency


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