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There is no Ruchira Sannyasin Order apart from My Person

This web page on the Adidam website is misleading. The writing on this page, along with the photo image of Sukhapur and Nadikanta with Adi Da Love Ananda, all dressed in orange, seems to indicate that these two women are full members of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order (RSO). This is not true. Not only is this web page misleading, this falsity is put into many Adidam books and on other websites that have been published after Adi Da's Mahasamadhi.

Much of the gathering also refers to these two women as the RSO, which is confusing given Adi Da explained that they are legal renunciates only and not practicing members of the RSO. This mistake is one of the principle causes of the discord that is rife among all responsive beings and devotees of Bright Adi Da. This discrepancy was not caused by Adi Da. This is a sign of a calculated, deliberately deceptive revision, created by ego politics at the core of the organization that took hold after 2008.

Before Adi Da's Mahasamadhi, He gathered with devotees to make it very clear that there was no members of the RSO apart from Himself. His Establishment of the RSO was attempted, but no devotee passed His testing and proving process. Gratefully, His Instructions were given about how this Order would Lawfully come into being and be authenticated. All details had to be accounted for.

As a sign of this change relative to Sukhapur and Nadikanta no longer being advanced renunciate practitioners, He Asked for the Adidam Sacred History Calendar to be changed to account for a date that had indicated that Sukhapur and Nadikanta had been initiated into the Perfect Practice Process and Order. Devotees responded to Adi Da by removing this acknowledgement. Adi Da waited and watched to see if devotees Understood the significance of what He Clarified.

His Bright Leela was necessarily uncompromising in His Divine Self Revelation and Instructions as His Embodied Life continued. Devotees around Him, including Sukhapur and Nadkikanta, significantly reacted to His Summary Conclusion, in words and action. They ignored Him, as did the culture whom He asked to keep both Sukhapur and Nadikanta accountable, "just like any other devotee".

Shockingly, after Adi Da's Mahasamadhi, Sukhapur reclaimed her advancement and status and asked the editors to re-add this Perfect Practice initiation date back onto the Sacred History Calendar. The editors followed her instructions rather than Adi Da's. This was only one of many revisions that Sukhapur has orchestrated.

This white washing and hiding of critically significant and profound Instructions continues to this day. And thus, His True Heart Way has been stolen and misused by "well intended/presumptuous" egos. On the Brightness Grounds this is being initiated. There is no wonder as to why the gathering is in conflict, in a self-other-destruct mode and the mission is unattractive. These are His Words not mine.

A simple turn about could shift this continuing egoic dramatization through ALL devotees letting go and losing face with no one scapegoated and a True, agreed upon Priesthood of accountability manifesting, embracing all devotees, bringing thousands into direct service to all His Sacred Treasures. A new beginning conducted in True radical root devotion as beginners.

From the above post in Beezone:

In February, 2005 discourse, Adi Da stated that there were no true members of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order. He said there is an office, and there are two individuals associated with it, but as he stated up until his mahasamadhi, “there are no true Sannyasins practicing the Perfect Practice”, a fundamental requirement of membership in the Ruchira Sannaysin Order.

“Everything necessary for beginners has been provided by Me. You must make the culture and the organization out of it, and the mission and everything altogether. The Treasures must be preserved.

There is no Ruchira Sannyasin Order apart from My Person. Sukhamai and Nadikanta are associated with the Ruchira Sannyasin Order, but not because they are demonstrating the Perfect Practice of this Way.

They simply maintain a kind of office of responsibility associated with various matters that must be under the cultural governance of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order. They are not even in dialogue with Me at the present time. I don’t meet with them now. I have no intention of doing so. It was just done enough to the point where it was an unbearable abuse of Me to continue with it.

There is nothing to discuss with Me about any organizational matter and so forth. I’ve Communicated everything. Why should I be talking about business? It is a terrible imposition and gross misuse of Me. It is intolerable to Me to submit to a kind of consumer religious ceremonialism on My Body. It is unconscious and foolish. It’s not right access to Me. It serves no purpose whatsoever. I have no requirement or interest relative to social relations with people. It has nothing to do with Me.

I don’t meet with the Ruchira Sannyasin Order representatives. They have been Instructed. I have Communicated what is necessary that covers everything about culture and organization. I did that because I was submitted, and submitted to that degree, and did it to the last utterance that I could possibly oblige Myself to make about all of that. And I simply cannot and will not do it anymore.”

It should be noted, Beezone initially added a link (in the above Beezone Post) to the video of Adi Da Speaking the above excerpt from an Avataric Discourse (Feb 16, 2005). The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam required Beezone to remove the link to the video.


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