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The Super-Physics that IS TRUE Adidam and True ASA Sacred Purposes

Title: The Super-Pyhsics that IS TRUE Adidam and True ASA Sacred Purposes

Adi Da Love Ananda:

"I have fully accomplished what was fundamentally necessary. All the literature of Adidam, all the Sacred Treasures of this Way—including great Hermitages and Sanctuaries, and this great Hermitage of Adi Da Samrajashram—all of these are full. On this basis, everything can be carried on."

Within both links below there are significant omissions, errors, revisions and flaws that most all devotees have not/would not be educated sufficiently enough to be aware of. The absence of transparency and education is deliberate on the part of those who hold power and purse. If you challenge, question or ask for clarification about these extremely significant matters you are either scolded, hushed, ignored or dismissed or membership and participation is revoked.

TRUE Adidam cannot, In Truth and being responsively embraced and served as a Sacred Entity and Process, be known, owned or controlled by anyone or anything. True Recognition enables esoterically aligned functioning, with True Heart integrity, coincident with and amidst this paradox.

The RSO (Ruchira Sanyasin Order) and ASA (The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam) as it is presently operating is not meeting this Bright Law.

When Adi Da considered and asked for the establishment of the mechanism of the ASA it was an urgent moment in the course of His Work where He needed to make it clear that He As IS, was the only True and Free Renunciate, thus far, and that His True Heart Way stood entirely Free In and As the Bright Divine Source Position.


The perpetuation and survival of his human life circumstance, that of the Gurukula, the sanctuaries, archives and created works were, to that point, dependent on the practical success of the gatherings response and responsibilities in relationship to Him and His Work. This mode of support was consistently precarious and threatening collapse. Thus the ASA came into being, as a more essential Sacred acknowledgment/support of Him As Source and a practical demarcation of propriety and an unshakable financial means of support was required. This demarcation would not have been necessary if the collective had not consistently failed in establishing a right mature esoteric relationship to Bright Adi Da and corresponding responsibilities and signs.

However, Adi Da went to great lengths to make clear this distinction did not mean or represent in any "way, shape or form" any kind of separation or dissociation or inauspicious "independence" in Most Sacred terms or Spiritually. He simply indicated that He could not freely and expansively Function IF His human life circumstance hung in the balance of our collective failure to assume full responsibility for what was Given over to the collective of devotees to be our mantle/inheritance/gifts to secure, make right use of and grow.

Until the day of His Mahasamadi Bright Beloved highlights these short comings because it was consistently required of Him, as His Function, to do so, by ALL still reluctant devotees, who were ALL falling short in the COLLECTIVE responsibility to stably establish foundational preparedness/entities for the necessarily RECIPROCAL process of radical (gone to the root) devotion to take secure hold. This is the root reciprocal devotional sufficiency whereby He was thus able to be tacitly and tangibly (by Bright Recognition generatively and regeneratively) be set apart from our superimposition's of the first 6 stage errors of egoic life/cosmic structures. The "falling short" of meeting these Bright Esoteric Laws (9 Laws of Radical Devotion) is what He referred to as "unhandled business" that prevented the demonstrated authentication of True and Free Renunciates Orders and True Adidam to be fully acknowledged by Him.

He was thus required to repeatedly submit (albeit the manner in which He coincidentally and spontaneously did this, as revealed, changed over time) in order to reflect/address the ongoing collective choice and drama/play of limits. He reflected this verbally, most passionately and fiercely in the last few years of His physically embodied life.

Because of these limits being enacted upon Him we demanded He keep "Teaching" us. He thus had to reflect and continue to address all devotees (in and as the world) in this manner. He was therefore inauspiciously forced/required to more poignantly set Himself apart. One reason He had to do this was in order to stay physically alive and engage in creating His Works of Visual Arts and Words. However, He indicated that the "last remaining years" manner He was forced to Work, again as Teacher instructing/addressing, was not as He had in the past. What Adi Da expressed was that He was no longer "living with", interacting with ANY devotees who were mature enough to give Him a fully interactive living/Life circumstance wherein He could be Working with mature and advanced True and Free Renunciates. It is presently being "officially stated" (entirely fabricated misnomer) that He continued to live with/work with a few who were stably prepared as True and Free Renunciates, stating that these Orders continue to exist today. This is a blatant lie being sold to devotees and the public including re-visionary changes in His Words and Leela, in front and back matter, in books and online, as gossip and tales, through the religion business propaganda all tell these lies. Why?

Fear of loss of face and survival. Especially revolving around a single devotee, Quandra Sukhapur, (with Ruchiradama Nadikanta agreeing/reactively to becoming a subjugated sideline) insisting she was the ONLY devotee who stayed in full fidelity with "Him" and understood Him and His Leela. Those who have acquiesced to her mythologizing have disrespectfully used her/set her up for their own self possessed, uneducated, uninspected, inauspicious purposes. She is being misused and not served rightly.

Bright Siddha Da describes a necessary process of evaluation that encompasses a full testing and proving of responsibility that spontaneously/egolessly shows itself as being tacitly established, while also necessarily corresponding with tangibly visible, humanly anchored Signs. These Bright Signs are of a right sacred relationship to all His Freely Gifted Means that He Established here, altogether priorly and irrevocably so. He Gave and established all the Bright Means required.

Yet, because of our continued individual and collective deliberate refusal to cooperate with one another to do so, as in no mystery about it, (His Words), He tried to establish another entity to ensure He and His Treasures were not to be dependent upon a failing institution, culture, community and mission. This is the why and how the ASA was established.

However, the devotees whom He Worked with to establish the ASA ended up entrapping Him in the same manner that had occurred previously. He was not ever rightly set apart by ANY devotees.

In the last few years of His Life He made more than abundantly clear, "what you are doing on Me NOW" (quite LOUDLY stated) " THIS IS NOT IT. YOU ARE NOT True and Free

Rencunciates, there is no Samrajya, ANY of you! YOU ALL are ignoring Me, isolating Me and killing Me. If you continue in this refusal My embodied Life will end. Why because I have no set apart life circumstance to Live with and Work with True matured devotee. I am being effectively imprisoned in your insane asylum that is the enactment of ego-i"

His reflecting, by Addressing these realities to all of us, also corresponded with His demonstration of the Outshining of all the karmic deeper personality entanglements that caused/drew Him into His manifest birth. He however, once again, Signed His OWN Divine Self Freedom as Sapta Na Sannyas; acknowledging the Inherent, Intrinsic Self Nature of Absolute Freedom of Being Itself. These Signs Made by HIM were not indication signs of most perfect recognition of Him by devotees, nor are these Completing, Culminating Signs meant to be misused as fuel for new salvation mythologies that are being written.

"Only beginning signs with much unhandled beginners business" were His parting Words.

Those who took control of His Treasures on the day of His Mahasamadhi have only continued and guided the gathering in the same modes of insensitive mummery dramatizations that typically provided the fuel that insisted upon Bright Adi Da having to submit to Address our limits in all the innumerable Ways and Words that He did for close to 4 decades. His death was auspicious because of what HE Accomplished. Not because of our responsibly, effectively manifesting a stable foundational response. Instead a religion business speak and propaganda is occurring wherein a newly created official church mythology of errors have/are tragically taking hold.

The entire collective of responsive beings is insidiously allowing this to continue to be so.

"Ignore and just turn, we do not exist, grace does it all, we already died, consideration over, just join, pay your dues, be invisible, private, do as you are told, shut up and protect, submit to the hierarchy/or fuck the hierarchy" are the acceptable corresponding ego self applied, justifications in mind, belief and techniques that now define the collective.

Yes. You can laugh out loud at how absurd this sounds. Or even argue and rail in revenge against these very broad, needing to be seriously inspected, characterizations.

Yet, this is not a joke, cannot be brushed aside.

To this day most all devotees and responsive beings actually really say and believe that the ACTUAL custodianship, growth and survival of the Treasures, authentication of True Orders and the success of His Mission is NOT their business or responsibility! Definitely and even at times angrily, dismissively ghosting and arguing: "This relationship is about "my/me/mine/ours", for my/our needs, pleasure and purposes; mind your own business; stop bothering me/my/mine/our privacy; I need not be accountable (at the root or otherwise) to anyone. Oh but I do so LOVE Him and am so grateful for His Constant Blessings in MY/OUR life."

No exaggeration is being written here, nor is necessary, in this truthful accounting here.

Adi Da Love Ananda:

At present, almost all human beings (devotees) persist in an infantile developmental moment that has nothing whatsoever to do with the Ultimate Truth. As a general rule, human beings (devotees) are still dependent, violent, ego-possessed — still seeking consolations in the realm of changes.


The Way of Adidam is the Work of Reality Itself. The Way of Adidam is the obligation (or Law) of Eternal Existence — an obligation generated, and regenerated, by the heart-relationship to Me.


The relationship between the Adept-Realizer and the devotee is not a matter of conceptual symbolisms or emotional attachment to some extraordinary person. The true Guru-devotee relationship is real physics.


Both the childish approach and the adolescent approach to the Spiritual Master are forms of destructive nonsense and must be overcome. However, the mature, ego-surrendering relationship to the Spiritual Master is absolutely Lawful and necessary.

Those who object to that relationship might as well object to the relationship between the Earth and the Sun.

Most people are willing to sacrifice things, but not themselves. They are willing to pay cash, in other words, for a quick salvation. Such "religious consumerism" is an ancient ritual of worship, but it is false and futile."


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