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Listening, in Bright Satsang…

Note in the link below (especially from 7 mins on) where Adi Da Love Ananda indicates that the Guru is not the one that creates the exaggeration of the highs and lows. Devotees will often call the dramatization of the highs and lows as "His Play". This is an error in understanding the Process, in Bright recognition responsive devotion which is inherently synchronous with radical self understanding. This is True Heart Intelligence.

The mythology that dramatization of the mummery is "Guru Maya" is associated with 4th to 5th stage traditions. The Way of Reality Truth Itself transcends these errors IN the Constant that is the Divine Self Condition. Recognition responsive devotion is the Constant Condition that brings to rest the drama of opposites. This Satsang also enables handling life business in such a manner that duality dramatizations are also lawfully handled by new IN Da Love Ananda Satsang agreements and accountability as a True Sangha.

Often Beloved would refer to this peaceful demonstration as "The Vision of Mulund" with remarkable, inspiring equanimity, lived in relationship. However not as a social/religious/dogma/technique that squelches the feeling heart and wherein un-Love action is ignored and allowed; no.

True Heart equanimity is inherently self-rightening and organizing. If this Ruchira Avatara Yoga is right and True, effective practice serves/manifests/actualizes Signs and Gifts that magnify Bright Divine purposes in the world!

Dissociative dramatization of duality is not purification in The Way of the Heart.


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