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Egos Are Really Clever Primates

Can the collective of devotees clearly identify self and other created "bullshit”?

Seems "not yet", is the answer.

At the time of Adi Da's Mahasamadhi, after this communication (see above link) was made, Adi Da, in no uncertain terms, told the entire world wide gathering, there was only a collective of barely established beginners that had responded to Him. He also clearly stated, there was NO advanced, practicing Ruchira Sannyansin Order (RSO) devotees.

After the time of Adi Da's Mahasamadhi, an individual, as part of the "RSO Office" (not a practicing RSO), chose a small group of bureaucrats, managers and financial/legal facilitators to help secure a position of authority for one person. This institution of managers then took full control and ownership of all the Treasures and Bright Gifts.

However a Ruchira Sannyasin Order of Adidam Ruchiradam is still essential and is meant to radiate out from His Bright Person with full integrity in order to effectively extend sacred governance and leadership. To this day, a True, Real and Right RSO does not authentically exist.

Today, the "formally approved devotee gathering" is acting out an "as if" there is in fact an authenticated RSO. This acting out (of an authenticated RSO) is perpetuated by all participating devotees and is endorsed by the RSO Office which is effectively a sole authority (Quandra Sukhapur). This erroneous claim and pursuant action is not Heart Real and True.

Instead there is an institutionalized organization acting out a pretend play which is not Bright Divine Leela or "Play" (not an extension of Bright Governance by a tested and proven RSO).

Adi Da graphically describes within His Literary Work named "The Orpheum Trilogy", the egoic manner in which these errors are acted out. Observe and understand how this is presently still being chosen, allowed and enacted by the collective of responsive beings, world wide.

Upon this basis (presumed to be a genuinely intended impulse) a very small group of "senior" devotees continue to consent to act out this "as if" charade. This small group of devotees actively engage in an ongoing consideration, guided by Quandra Sukhapur’s communicating (via phone calls from The Brightness, where she remains invisible and unaccountable) about her process as she attempts to establish orders of advancing devotees. There is a point of view (which is a patterned logic) as to why this is being acted out, seeming and seeking, as good hearted and well intended service. This is being justified based in the consistently active habit of picking out certain isolated and partial Instructions Given by Adi Da over the decades of the history of His Submission to Teach and Reveal. As a small select and private group continue to do this, a revision of His Bright Teaching and Way is ongoing. This historically repetitive habit (also superimposed on Him during His physical embodiment) is what also presently defines the "formally approved cult of Adidam insiders" and the "outsiders".

What Adi Da Love Ananda Addresses here (see link above) needs to be taken seriously. To ensure this is actively done is the responsibility of each and every and any being who responds to Him, His Life Leela and World Work. He Asked that this responsibility for integrity be collectively organized in order to guarantee that any governing authority and leadership is held accountable. This Heart responsive order that meets Adi Da's Call does not yet exist.

The inherent integrity of "everybody all at once" as the actualized demonstration of Prior Unity is the formality necessary to ensure the "rightness" of any Orders that extend His Person, Presence, Word and Treasures into the world and Cosmic Domain.

To date ALL recognition responsive beings are reluctant to heroically take up this essential inheritance of a collectively transformative authentication.


Where is the platform for this most profound Reality Consideration, all inclusively actualized rather than being a cultically secretive and isolated ego act production?

This, now, is an invocation for the "unexpected" to inherently and spontaneously Happen, Now and Now and Now.....Actualized via True Heart visible and vocal NEW choices, agreements and actions.

These Happenings are the Signs and Gifts of True and Real recognition responsive devotion to the Ruchira Avatar Adi Da, the Bright.


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