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Is Adi Da a "crank"?

As an exercise, apply the below quote* to the entire collective of "Adidam" (formally acknowledged or not) ego power politics.

Beloved Adi Da's "Upset" was often viewed and felt by devotees (and certainly by many "non devotees") as being overblown and out of proportion to what "we did or did not do". In this context, Adi Da pointed to our accusation that He was being a "crank". Our accusation was/is embroiled in the neurosis of "victim consciousness".

In any case, He was ALWAYS and ONLY (no matter what the vastly colorful and dramatized content was/is) Reflecting us to "ourselves", in the midst of our consistent demand for His attention and energy.

He was required to submit to address our individual ego acts and our collective patterning and in this context, He Worked to awaken us into the Radical Understanding that it is our activity as the root ego act that is the dark cause of these awful events of un-Love.

*Martin Scorsese:

"What I wanted to capture, ultimately, was the very nature of the virus or the cancer that creates this sense of a kind of easygoing genocide**," he said at an Oct. 16 press conference. When there is betrayal that deep, and we know for a fact that it was that way, there's our story."

**this can be likened to the cultic ostracizing and differentiation by separative (tribal) power mongering ego acts that are attempting to "own and control" Bright Adi Da, His Leela and Treasures. The joke is on these foolish, unconscious strategies, agenda's and acts.


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