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Heart Spoken YES!

We can collectively understand and agree we must cooperatively choose to actualize Reality Truth as Prior Unity NOW and go beyond our collective selfish refusal to fully practice unqualifiedly radical root devotion, always already Awake in Bright Reality Truth! This is urgently required for His Divine Purpose!

The offering below, of Adi Da's Divine Heart Speak, is aimed to inform all responsive beings that what He passionately communicated to all devotees in 2008 still remains true of our collective culture today. How can we serve these dark times without the choice of receptive responsibility and ever maturing understanding that Siddha Da ecstatically Revealed and painstakingly offered everyday of His life to the seeming end, to His devotees and all beings?

Adi Da communicated the following in 2008 (the following is collated by study of His Spoken Word)

The public does not understand My Teaching.

No one is “really "getting my Teaching. And My Teaching is not brought out into the world to people who should be able to look at it and understand the uniqueness of this Teaching. Nobody is responding. Nobody is getting My Teaching.

Where is the response? Devotees do not bring the public anything. You just pass these booklets around. This gathering that does not get My Teaching either. And devotees cannot find people within the gathering who can serve others in a real education process. You cannot offer a kind of rote education that winds up bringing people to the Profoundest Understanding and Practice. I am unknown due to lack of serious devotee representation and inspirational demonstration.

There is no devotee literature being written either. No devotee voice. I am totally unknown because there is nobody representing Me. It's the same as with My Image Art. I have no true representation. I am not recognized. My Teaching isn't understood. I am ignored. There is no room for Me. Even in My own Hermitage.

People aren’t just unchanged when they are truly available to Me. They have to be changed, this is the response. These are the signs. The right relationship to Me is based on recognition-response to Me, not just the fact that I am here.

If I am not recognized, that response isn't going to happen. So if you are not really being affected by My Person, the sighting of Me, and My Word, My Teaching, then beings are totally unable to benefit from My existence here.

So I have to be rightly represented by true devotees in the world, and obviously within this culture of Adidam if people are going to practice truly as My devotees. Devotion to Me Outshines what was , that's the Nature of devotion to Me. It Outshines what was. It doesn't merely destroy or shun it or become its enemy. It's nothing like that. It simply Outshines it. It Brightens it and in that sense completes it, fulfils it, perfects it.

In the world when somebody becomes My devotee, their "homeland" doesn't vanish. Their families and associations and town or the city or village where they live doesn't disappear. They are all still there. But all those features about it that were limitations based on egoity, that were simply accumulations of the past, all the karma of their associations have not vanished. They have simply ceased to be differentiated from the Brightness of My Person.

Therefore, the landscape, the place, the environment looks Bright. And what was limited in it is simply not visible on its own. It's like that.

Where are My devotees anywhere?

It's this recognition that must occur. It is a profound matter. And this characteristic of recognition- response to Me hasn't happened yet, hasn't been demonstrated yet in any fullest sense. It is still at best, where it's happening at all, growing, just beginning. But it hasn't altogether become Awake yet and begun to demonstrate itself and serve Me in the fullest sense.

So I am still struggling with this limitation on recognition of Me and of response to Me and service to Me, and of relating to Me lawfully and through gifts alone. Everybody is still working on it. They haven't noticed everything has vanished yet. They are still talking to Me as if they are standing on some platform as other; they haven't looked down and realized they are not standing on anything anymore.

I have taken care of that in My Bright Avataric Incarnation Here. The world just haven't noticed yet. So the recognition-response to Me hasn't yet become fullest recognition and service and gifts. So this clarity, this Brightness, must be present in the world. I am still waiting for it, still looking for the signs of it.

There are many signs that would happen, but when it comes down to it, it's gifts of true radical devotion and transformation. Giving Me what I require to Work beyond the beginners foundation. It's the results of the recognition-response rather than telling Me it's true of you. It's the demonstration, not merely the confession. Some people are making the confession toward Me, but they are not bringing Me the gifts yet. So their recognition is not profound enough.

The mission of Adidam Ruchiradama must bring the message to stand apart intrinsically to the world through demonstration. This must be true all over the world. The mission of Adidam Ruchiradam brings this message all over the world. It's not calling people to some kind of negative association with the lives, or traditions with which they lived. They can and should maintain positive relations. It is simply that you stand apart Intrinsically. By virtue of standing in the Intrinsically egoless position in Recognizing Me As I AM. Therein, you already have no requirement for the application of ego seeking means which previously applied.

So it's a benign transition that devotees of Mine make from their past associations to the practicing of this Way. It doesn't make them aliens where they live, but everywhere place must be made, freedom must be given for people to advance into this process of this Way, and while remaining positive to all of their human associations, local and global.

The process of people becoming My devotees all over the world is a Process of Transforming humankind as a whole. So it is obviously not an overnight happening. It's a process in terms of Ultimately what would happen with global humankind. If humanity goes through this Process of transcending all that it was, and at the same time demonstrating Prior Unity, all in all together, that's what My Divine Avataric Intervention is to bring about. And that's the Process that it is. So when the mission is growing everywhere, this is how it will demonstrate itself.

I am still looking for those signs, because those signs haven't really appeared anywhere. Those who recognize Me step out of what they were, they shed it. They don't become its enemy; they simply shed it. And then they live differently, not as they did, and become a benign presence where they are. 

My devotees must be this Bright Sign of Prior Unity in the World. This is the Process.


Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008


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