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Listen to and feel the True Heart Impulse

Listen to and feel the True Heart Impulse that does not require dissociative abstraction from the "world" as if "God" is ever absent. This is the secured Vow and Awakening Siddha Da Gave to all of His devotees while He was physically embodied, as He Speaks about in the video link below. Now, after His Mahasamadhi, He indicated that True Instrumentality and Lawful abundant access to His Treasures of Agency are urgently required. Neither means have been fully established yet as He Summarized until the day of His Mahasamadhi. He Asked all beings, not just devotees, to secure this Need for all aspects of His Avataric Work to be rightly, responsively incarnate, conducted and served. There is a stalemate of discord that has yet to be broken in relationship tp His Treasures amongst all devotees. It is our collective ogligation to dispell this obstruction for the sake of all "world" (6 stages worth of culturally conflicting patterns of traditional seeking).

There is no True Samrajya nor tested and proven Renunciate Orders serving this all inclusive Freedom of Bright Being. Do not be fooled, by accepting revisions and religious consummer goods for sale. Question, challenge and speak the True Heart, in fidelity to Only Da Bright Reality Intelligence and Heart. No compromises, via C+T=P. This is True Heart Love. This was and Is Siddha Da's Eternal Leela as the True Devotee, always and only Guided, Mastered, and Husbanding In and AS the Bright.

Let us, heart to heart bonded, His Feet in our hearts, Eternally Now, responsively recieve the gift of Radical Understanding and make new choices in relationship, wherein all is recognized as Sacred in Conscious Love Bliss; the True Heart Way.

It is only in this newly chosen and demonstrated Collective agreement that there is a culturally True Heart Way to offer to the heart cry of the "world". Necessarily, governed and led and partipated in by True Devotees, tested and proven with corresponding gifts and signs.

This is magnified by always already Now, establishing cooperative, truely mature, humanly manifested Bright Sacred Domain, the Hermitage of the True Heart Way, in place, no matter where you are, with whom, or what arises. This is the first, necessary esoteric conversion, the foundation of Bright Recognition Yoga. This is when seriousness of growth in Awakening is possible.

On this basis, True Temple Life, in many varied configurations, can be instantly Collectively Alive in Divine Being, in native, contagious Love Bliss enabling Conscious World transforming services for all beings things; in "God", not as other.

A life that seems without "God" is the self made fist of whole bodily recoil from the Context of the All of One Being, the Condition Of Radiant Love, that Lives and Breaths everyone and everything.

Choose this Yoga, no matter what arises, necessarily in relationship Unity. Make important life choices and embrace all mature human responsibilities upon the basis of this inherently unqualified relational heart impulse, which magnifies this ecstatic, all inclusive Truth.

This is Free Renunciation of unhappiness and un-love and has nothing to do with false human, social, political, religious, spiritual and transcendental institutional or organizational structures or rules.

If one has not learned the lesson of life: you cannot become happy, you can only Be Happiness (True Heart Love) Itself, then, the most auspicious choices that fulfils the Hearts yearning to Liberation in God, as Reality Truth, will not be made.

This inability, churns the wheel that turns and swings the pendulum of opposites. This is problem oriented self possession based in the friction of duality opposites in conditionally fractured light.

Let us be mindful of how we implicate others in this perpetual duality play that will never satisfy the heart of any being at depth.

A now, critical turning point in the world needs auspicious choices to be made, for Divinely human purposes, not for the illusion of the disillusioned, suppressive, dissociative, depressed, hopeless and deluded narcissistic ego act and play.

We are all in Heart Need of Reality Truth and Good Company. Not a mythologized, false faced "world" of institutional, hierarchical power struggle and ritually programmed game playing of all kinds of self satisfying pursuits.

"Belonging" to Adidam, as it is presently manifesting, is not IT. As if conditionally transient formalities are tantamount and methodically applied given the mature foundation in all aspects is yet OBVIOUS. Thereby fruitless attempts to conditionally control and monitor the hungry, placid and naieve masses becomes destructively counterproductive. Just as any and every egoically enacted self-possessed, defensively hidden, protective hierarchically cloistered as an organizational power ownership gesture, is fuel for divisiveness and mutual disrespect, inevitably undermining heart trust. So churns the mummery playing wheel.

I offer this reflection, once again, in self- transcending service to provoke Reality Intelligence "consideration", gratefully humbled in the gift of Reality Being that demonstrates inherent Prior Unity, the most Intimately Bright Fabrication of Conscious Light! Fully aware and in heart need of True Radicl Reality Way Culture. The "New Order" of Man in the World of the Heart, as not other at all.

Let us champion Adi Da's Sapta Na Sannyas in this, Bright House World. Notice this: the only Asana that satisfies the Heart. Openly and honestly, barvely enable this in all relationships, wherein unfolding yielding of unexpected and sudden Gifts and Signs Happen. Only the True Heart, As One, can Accomplish what Siddha Da Yoga Requires.

Eternally Awake in Da Pranams, humbly beholding Bhagavan Love Ananda, Beloved As All.


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