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Narrative Control: Bans On Fact Reporting

Attempts to control the narrative of a conflict/war amongst "tribes" and banning fact reporting is all too common between all world leaders and respective nation states. This divisive ploy is also everywhere reflected amongst humanity, tribes, collectives and organizations of all and any kind globally. This competitive tactic is a primary symptom of a fundamental unwillingness to have life be founded in the all inclusive prior unity beingness, that is at root true, even amongst and in the midst of inevitable differences. IF prior unity is chosen, it becomes a more a more fundamental heart/survival need than the separatist factions that seek authoritarian dominion, control and power. Inevitable differences need not be a cause of conflict, yet ego-centric (individually presumed and lived as collectives) dualistic i-other modes of power and ownership and control are the focus of the total of human history as still repetitively reflected in most ALL interactions globally today. 

A most profound and fundamental transformation in point of view is required of all humanity. 

Read the book:  Not-Two IS  Peace for a NEW world order and civilization that includes and cares for the whole of all beings and things. 

See link below, sounds familiar? "Adidam collective" (formally acknowledged or not). 


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