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This blog/website is simple yet packed with information. To fully understand all the nuances will require research, study and conversing with trusted intimates, many different devotees of Adi Da and responsive respectful public. Please bear with me as you read, consider and share this radically insightful material. All of what is offered here is validated and clarified by Avatar Adi Da's intimate interactions, communications, demonstration and prophetic literary and visual art Works. Many links are provided in the links page. Adi Da intentionally repeated Himself in so many ingeniously creative ways and at different times and to many different individuals in His address to personal and universal pre-patterned errors of egoity and uniquely to the root ego act itself. Anything I offer here in serving to sensitize us all to His human life, I have personally observed, heard numerous times beginning in 1976 and incisively felt, taken handwritten notes as He spoke or technically recorded His speaking. AS have numerous others. These passionate, esoteric and vulnerable expressions of His must be wisely communicated by devotees while being sensitively, compassionately and acutely received and felt by all.

Most all of what will be presented has unnecessarily, and currently continues to be, fearfully, self defensively hidden or selectively, manipulatively withheld or misused by positions of power within the past and present hierarchical structures and by indiscriminate followers of institutional and cultural Adidam. Obviously there are matters of confidentiality that should not be breached in an obligation of wise protection, not only of Adi Da , but for all those He has Lovingly embraced and taken seriously in their request for blessings, instruction, growth and awakening. There will be no specific names mentioned on this platform. This is not necessary. The pre patterned egoic errors dramatized in playing various roles will be obvious and may point to many who have been the coins for such positions. When Adi Da addressed and served anyone, He was speaking and relating in a manner that is not that of a merely ordinary man. I do not mean that in any strange way that suggests He was not fully human nor responsible for His actions. As the first Realizer demonstrating, teaching and transmitting Divine Reality Self Recognition, He did not see or feel us as we did ourselves or one another. Anyone He served, to Him, they represented much more than they seemed to be. His interactions with one or a few were His means to reverberate out, pervade and encompass everyone and everything. A primary possible error of all devotee’s whether of past, present or future is the failure to understand this is literally so.  Herein lies one of the many paradoxes of a sacred relationship to an Awakened Master. The relationship is both devotionally heart intimate and whole bodily and yet entirely impersonal synchronously. The way this relationship is lived depends both on what the Siddha Master is adept at in teaching and transmitting and the responsive seriousness of the aspirant.

Unique to Adi Da's Revelation of Reality Being as Conscious Light, the One and Only Divine Self Position "views" all arising in a very different relationship to everyone and everything, including ones' own psycho physical mechanism:

ADI DA SAMRAJ: "Mm-hm. And once you have understood, really, the nature of pattern (all arising phenomenon) , the klik-klak (repetitive) nature of object, then it doesn't make any difference where you appear in any context of patterns. The pattern is pattern-it doesn't make any difference. In other words, you are always in the position to inspect the nature of what is arising and see that it is klik-klak. And you don't have to be in a special circumstance, or a particular stage of life, a particular samadhi. The conditions themselves make no difference. The pattern is patterning. The pattern is always of the same nature ultimately, (as Reality Realization) whatever it appears to be in particular, in a moment or context."

The validation of what is exposed here is in archival protection by various secure means. In these last years I came to learn that His Way has also been documented and materials have been collected and stored by many different individuals. Why? Because there is uncertainty that the truth of what is being communicated by devotees can be trusted. Why? As could be expected, communications were at times skewed depending on how and who was communicating, and to what degree hidden agendas were at play.  It is important to note that both the authorities and general practitioners who played multiple roles, at different times in relationship to Adi Da and His Work made mistakes and have learnt many momentous lessons in doing so. After all, one of the significant tenants of the Divine Reality Way depends on understanding critically significant errors in relationship to one another and Reality Itself!

Present time the truth of the matter is significant lessons still need to be learned in order to authenticate Adidam as the True Culture He defined in detail as required for His Transmission Work to be embodied by a group of truly tested and proven advanced renunciate practitioners. This ORDER is essential to enable His Way to go beyond simply being an organizational structure that serves the Gifts He established and for His Blessing and Instructions to be extended from these Gifts. There is a bizarre, but paradoxically understandable, resistance to this continued necessary authentication process at present. This website is not meant as a defence in relationship to many of the past controversies around Adi Da and His devotees. This is a profound esoteric offering about Divine Reality Truth for serious students, aspirants and practitioners of all traditions and cultures. What responsive individuals and our collective heart intentions are struggling with now, as barely a beginning foundation, is that we have yet to provide a matured and full vessel for His profoundly unique Transmission. This has been a repetitive ego drama around all Realisers throughout all time. Will such repetitive patterning continue, or will we transcend this ego act collectively? This is what is to be observed and understood and demonstrated.

Because of the scapegoating game that is rampant in this ego made world, I have made a necessary heart decision relative to participation on this forum. In heart felt Love and service to all interested in what is exposed on this site please compassionately understand that this blog will not be enabled as a platform for interactive conversation. Many devotees attempted to establish a forum for this.  Those few who have been brave and honest enough to speak openly, have endured many reactive outbursts and held up as objects of ridicule. Likewise, many who have held important authoritative roles in Adidam have too been scapegoated. By doing what I am doing here, please openly receive and use Adi Da’s Passionate Criticism and Shout in a way that can serve root self-understanding in all the necessary details and therefor a mobilization of action to organize a collective transformation. There are many trusted devotee intimates, family and public that I engage these important conversations with. I am unable to be more broadly available at this time. For this I apologize in advance.

Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008


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