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Adi Da Samraj - Beyond the Familiar

No Words can touch His Bright Beauty, only yielded hearts As One See His Brightness and Live Therein.

Is this present "pattern" of Adidam free of "familiarity"?

What aspects of patterns surrounding and possibly enclosing Beloved Adi Da during His physically embodied Form are no longer relevant, obsolete?

Only Truly authentic, with full signs of esoterically tested and proven integrity and tangibly manifest signs of growth, serving Da Bright Needs, with accountability in numbers, all of this via True and fully visibly integrated, whole bodily, humanly relational, inspirational Instrumentality and Sacred Orders are Siddha Da's Pattern; His extended Form.

Do we (devotees) live this recognition responsive relationship with one another As Only One In Reality Truth, Bright Being Fabrication, in Prior Unity?

Da Pranams beyond familiarity yet fully whole bodily, devotees In Love Bliss Yoga, "we" bow.

Adi Da Samraj discusses the notion of familiarity and its transcendence in the Way of Adidam (see link below)


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