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Adi Da Samraj on Atheism

Adi Da Samraj: Atheism is the ultimate form of denial of the Parental "God". Atheism is not founded on real observation of the ultimate facts of the universe. Rather, it is a kind of adolescent development of the human species. What characterizes the doctrine (or dogma) of atheism is not a discovery that there is no "God", but a refusal to acknowledge every kind of parent (or parent-like authority), including (therefore) the Parental "God" of childish "religion".

In fact, if you really examine the characteristics of conditional Nature (or phenomenal existence), there is no justification for believing in the Parental Deity at all. It is simply not true to the facts of existence altogether that there is a Great Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Being making everything happen — in charge of everything happening, and making things turn out well for those who acknowledge That One and obey certain moral principles. It is simply not so. It is not true that there is such a Parental Deity controlling history, controlling even all events, and working out a great "success-plan" for humanity.


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