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"Burnt Orange Heresy", By Bright Grace

In Gratitude to Da Love Ananda’s Laws of Purity (which activate Eternal Omnipresent Reality Truth Siddhis) that are Inherent in His Blessing and Transmission Sphere of Bright Being! No falseness survives Here! No need for ego self effort, holding on, defensive protection or fear!

Adi Da's Conversation (see link below) with devotees occurred 1987 after the event of His Divine Self Emergence in January of 1986. From 1986 on, His Revelation and Demonstration of Divine Indifference, the third phase of His Gift of the Seventh Way, was perpetually granted in His Darshan.

"The Process of My Divine Avataric Self-Submission in the Context of My Divine Avataric Teaching-Work Culminated in the Initiation of My Divine Avataric Self-"Emergence", at Adi Da Samrajashram, in January 1986. The Initiation of My Divine Avataric Self-"Emergence" Was the Turn-About Moment of My Divine Avataric Incarnation here."

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The establishment of His Sannyasin Orders began coincident with His Divine Self Emergence in 1986. Although, the formal names of the Orders, members and numbers, changed and fluctuated, were acknowledged and dissolved, for 22 years after His Divine Self Emergence. Until finally He made it clear He was and is the only True and Free Renunciate in Bright Reality, thus far.

All are tested and proven by Siddha Da’s Water and Fire, here He addresses devotees about practice in His Company.

What Adi Da Speaks to in this video (link above) elaborates His evaluation of practice and instructions related to the limits in all His devotees, and the world. What He addressed, that you just listened to, was entirely relevant to the day of His Mahasamadhi. There are some language changes that were made (including in 2008) that correspond to clarifying, again, how His Radical Way is from the beginning and not progressive in relationship to the stages of life.

In the Context of His Divine Self Revelation He was consistently required, for decades, to repeatedly address what was lacking in the Direct Process with Him and the signs of necessity corresponding to His Work. This consistent gift of His Criticism is entirely understandable given no one who converged with Him was prepared to receive and make full use of what He offered. All are “forgiven”, no praise or blame in this compassionately vulnerable heart understanding. A sign of mature Heart Wisdom.

The Completion of His all Accomplishing Divine Self Revelation and Instructions, including His Demonstration of all four phases of the 7th Stage, were necessary for any being to be enabled to begin and fully establish right relationship to Him and a true (as He describes) humanly mature cultural foundation for His Way to be authenticated collectively.

Da Love Ananda also indicated that it was necessary for Him to directly address, while still embodied in His Outshining phase, the inevitable ego patterned forces that would revise His Heart Way after His Mahasamadhi. In His many Notes to all devotees (which are being kept secret) and in His Literary Art Work, “The Orpheum Trilogy”, (yet to be published or studied as He asked to be done) He, in very specific detail, summarizes His direct experience in relationship to these ego patterned forces that continue to revise His Bright Way. A struggle continues in our appealing to Adidam authorities, educators and all devotees that a collective understanding and a transformation in detailed study, consideration and conformity to these Instructions is essential. This dynamic reluctance forms the continued Mummery enactment of present day Adidam. This tapas (if it can rightly even be called that, Adi Da calls it ignoring Him and a refusal) is of a new form, given He is no longer physically present. What we all must go beyond together to establish, was never His responsibility to do. The why of this truth is an esoteric Reality Understanding of His Unique Incarnation.

Truly Radical root recognition-responsive devotional practice as an ego transcending culture and this being demonstrated as a collective stable cultural foundation for continued maturing, was not in evidence at the time of His Mahasamdhi. Hundreds of devotees feel this would continue to be His evaluation of the culture presently manifesting today. This

“evaluation” is also reflected to devotees in relationship to many who are heart interested in and serious about Adi Da’s Revelation and Work. It is also self reflected, as in “not other than”, what is manifesting in the world and cosmic events of these dark times that are upon us all. May call it “purification”. But if true radical devotion were being lived collectively, His Siddhis are Quickening and Brightening and Liberating in Prior Unity in His Bright Heart of Being

This factual (study His Word) clarity is important for all interested beings to be aware of. Not at all intended as a blockage to respond or participate, nor to undermine any auspiciously enacted service or practice on the part of any devotee. On the contrary, this is offered in His Bright Heart as a service to devotees and to those approaching or watching. This is offered as a sensitization to Him as Reality Being and thus as an invocation of discriminating heart open seriousness to what is required when entering into relationship to Adi Da and His Unique Divine Self Revelation, Emergence and Outshining Leela.

His Process in Reality Truth is not, at all, about an illusory “I” or a “you” or “us”. It is literal Reality Truth As One, all inclusive and recognized as the Beloved Bright Heart Itself. His Uniqueness will be fully heart awakened, understood and manifest as His Bright Adidam Form. This Bright Purity requirement has for far too long been by passed, even by all His devotees who spent decades in relationship to Him during His 7th Stage Revelation and Demonstration. Why? None of us were prepared, that is the simple reason. The right and true beginning asana of radical root devotion is of consummate significance. Said simply, but profoundly difficult to accomplish because this is the essential key for a turn about tantamount to revolutionary and transformative changes for all beings.

On April 22, 1999 what is called "The Brightness Event" triggered another Yogic Process in Adi Da: "That entire . . . syndrome can be characterized as My being "thrown out" of the Body (and up into the Divine "Bright" Spherical Self-Domain of Eternal Light) by the force of resistance to Me that was being manifested in the gathering of My devotees and in the "world" altogether. . ."

"My departure from The "Brightness" on April 22 was a profound turning point in My Struggle. I had done everything necessary and possible to Do. And, from that time, I am (now, and forever hereafter) simply Waiting to see whether people choose to respond to Me."

"At The "Brightness", I was "fried" to death and "spat out" — Such That I could Do My "world"-Work of Merely Standing (here) to Bless. His Outshining Process has begun."

After the Yogic "Ruchira Dham Event" (April 12, 2000) Adi Da was fully Demonstrating the fourth phase of “Divine Translation” in His Divine Self Revelation of His 7th Reality Way.

"At Lopez Island, I Fell Out of the world. Now I Speak only from Beyond."

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, March 24, 2003

During an "Avataric Discourse" on 16 February 2005, He communicated to the world wide gathering that there are no full practicing members of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order who have been sufficiently tested and proven in full demonstration to continue as authenticated practicing members (in the Ruchira Sannyasin Order). This remains so until this day.

On May 18, 2007, Adi Da expressed a new distinction by establishing the Sapta-Na Sannyasin Order In His Outshining Demonstration. This designation would therefore also be so for any Sannyasin Realizer (uniquely qualified) in the advanced fourth phase of His 7th Way of The Heart. There is detailed Instruction that Adi Da has written about His Sapta-Na Sannyas and how these Signs would manifest in uniquely qualified devotees in the 7th Stage of Life that may occur prior to the Divine Translation phase. In depth study and consideration is always required to come to full understanding in His Bright Heart Way.

“I Am the Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin. There are no ego-patterns in Me. There is no intrinsic content in Me. If I Demonstrate modes of apparent Responsiveness, in relationship to that with which I am brought into conjunction, those modes of apparent Responsiveness come about because of the conjunction—not because of any ego-patterning or intrinsic

content in Me, Divinely Avatarically Born to here in bodily (human) Divine Form.

Thus, even though This Divine Avataric Body-Form here can Show various signs, in conjunction with apparent “others” and “things”, I (Myself) have no ego-patterning or intrinsic content. Therefore, I do not have the “karmic” energy, or the egoic

“self”-capability, to generate and maintain My Own bodily Existence here.

There is no energy of ego-patterning that can sustain This Divine Avataric Body-Form.

The sustaining of This Divine Avataric Body-Form can only come about through devotion to Me, through the provision of My devotees. As the Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin, I Am Demonstrating the Ultimate Manifestation of the seventh stage of life.

As the Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin, I have no ego-patterning, or conditionally patterned “self”-identity, whatsoever—none. Therefore, if you are My devotee, rightly understand and fully accept My Revelation-Demonstration of Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyas. If you are My devotee, accept Me on Sight. Only My devotees can give Me the Circumstance That belongs to My Parama-Sapta-Na State. I Am As I Am. Sighting of Me Is How It Works. And That Is That.”

From the Aletheon: “I Stand Free Apart And Not In The Middle Here”

In the last years of His Life He was also stating very clearly He was and has been the only True Member of and Demonstration of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order. At the time around His Mahasamadhi, Adi Da did acknowledge there were the beginning signs of a Student Beginners foundation practice (still incomplete, not cooperative nor well managed) and some signs of recognition response sprouting. This is a profound Blessing acknowledgment from Bright Siddha Da. Adi Da also communicated, in His last years, He was being isolated and that He wanted to be available in His Hermitage to receive devotees from all congregations and even at appropriate times individuals of a unique service or response to Him. Yet because the necessity to be surrounded by a renunciate order of sarvadikharis that He was able to Work with as advanced practitioners did not exist, He was no longer able to be Accessible given the right mandala of relationship to Him was not existing around Him to conduct such Access Lawfully. The phrase He would often use is that "there was no Lawful linking" occurring that would create His Always Spontaneously Alive, Unexpected and Ever Present Pattern of Rightness, In His Bright House, Hermitage of the Heart. If this was so, this enabled His being "set Him apart in a right circumstance" so He would be made use of rightly and could continue to Work with prepared devotees. If this was occurring the signs would have been clear to Him and He would have spontaneously and freely been available and naturally moved to be with His truly prepared devotees. It was within this context He wrote His Orpheum Trilogy. The Gift of His Prophetic Leela that Frees the human heart from the "tragedy" of the go act, that "bit the Divine Lord to death and was very OK".

There have been many times throughout Adii Da's Teaching and Revelation Work where profoundly auspicious and responsive Signs did appear. The Signs corresponded to the time frames around and within which His Unique Transitional and Transformative Yogic Events occurred. During these time periods His Demonstration and Relationship to devotees (and all) varied greatly in terms of how He was able to Work as He did and why. There was always a Calling or a coincident recognition responsive change (often initiatory) given By Grace and thus required testing and proving in the devotees relationship to Him and His Work. This occurred in Satsang through His unique Siddhis and Laws, Revealing Himself As He Is and Addressing the ego act in devotees (and all beings and things). There was an ever increasing depth Demand for greater maturing recognition, understanding and an emphasis on the right nature of the direct relationship to Him as Siddha Master of the Bright, I AM. The key necessities for this Yoga to reciprocally manifest auspicious signs of receptive Awakening is full surrender and obedience in recognition response to His Unique Gifts. This, as the foundation asana must always, coincidentally prior be the very Context of the entire Process in all of it's details. Again, these signs are what He often Said was not manifesting sufficiently, as was so until He left His physical body. Devotees were not mature and stable, beyond student beginner practice, every single devotee regardless of uniqueness of the relationship or proximity or service to Him.

Adi Da 2008: I am not doing any Work; I am not even allowed to Exist here. As Sapta-Na Sannyasin I am not to be involved in exchanges with the Mummery anymore. But that is where I am still required to be with all of you mummers. I am put in that position because I am not set apart by Lawfulness. That is not done on Me, this Lawfulness. There must be My True Authority, and there must be extensions of it in the form of people who will humbly and truly, with greatest energy, serve. And that must be the case. It is not the case now.

The gathering is under the control of its own egoic likeness in the form of deceivers, people who refuse to practice rightness with Me. 

If His Blessing Evaluation given even to the day of His Mahasamadhi, would now be gratefully understood, humbly acknowledged by the collective (especially including governance and leadership) and happily heart embraced this receptively submitted insight and heart maturing could activate a remarkable transformative integrity in Reality Truth.

The errors and illusions of advancement or beginners revisions are continuing to be dramatized respectively as a collective ego act of the first 6 stages of life. If a new collective understanding emerged and an new agreement was made the collective of devotees would then be able to establish, with freed energy and attention, full in heart honesty, awake in radical self understanding via radical root devotion, a complete, stable and effective foundation for continued maturing and evaluation in His True Heart Way!

By His Grace, I feel His evaluation and these detailed distinctions presented here are profoundly important for all devotees and interested beings to be aware of. These are esoterically critical nuances. Please heart understand this educational clarification is not being offered in a contrary reactive mode, as an obstacle to respond. But as an educational service to devotees and those approaching or watching, to further sensitize all to the seriousness of what is required to enter into relationship to Adi Da and His Unique Divine Self Revelation Emergence and Outshining Leela. It is not about an illusory “I” or a “you” or “us as many”. It is literal Reality Truth As One, all inclusive and recognized as Prior Unity, the Beloved Heart Itself. His all Liberating and inclusive Uniqueness will be heart awakened and understood. This consistent heart awakened requirement has for far too long been by passed, even by all His devotees, who spent decades in relationship to Him and His 7th Stage Revelation and Demonstration. None of us were prepared, that is the simple reason why. The right beginning asana of radical root devotion is of consummate significance. Said simply but the essential key for a turn about tantamount to revolutionary and transformative change for all beings.

All that any practitioner, commentator, critic, educator, presenter, leadership or governing body may say about Adi Da and His Teaching, Take His Word to Heart:

Adi Da: My Instructions relative to all of this have been fully and

plainly Given, and fully and plainly Written, by Me.

Therefore, My Divine Avataric Word must be studied, under-

stood, and followed—without any intervening interpretation.

My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation Is Complete, Full, and Fully

Stated.  The Aletheon

Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008


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