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Can I "Test" the Way Before "Taking It Up"?

This morning, I was, once again,  Heart reminded and established IN (based on recent study of Bright Adi Da's Chapter 19 of the 2004 edition of The Knee Of Listening) how direct devotional intimacy, human and Divine, is required to practice most radical self understanding.

The humanly intimate context of devotional life consideration is essential. This cooperative life context is necessary to move beyond the student beginners process of Listening and it requires cooperative living in order to "know" the life and person of maturing (into Hearing and Seeing and Perfect Practice) devotees. 

These maturing devotees need to be living all aspects of service (practice as service to Bright Gifts as Means) wherein a Bright True and Real (in Prior Unity) organized Context of sacred orders, institution, culture, community, mission exist. Existing as fully established with full tested and proven authenticity and integrity with corresponding signs of fruition and fullness of accountability. Each and All.

These authenticated mechanisms do not yet exist, yet "Adidam" is being presented AS IF this Context is established for aspirants to enter into with mature guidance and governance. 

No matter where a devotee lives or what function or role is assumed, each aspect of the inherent Laws of sacred structure IN Bright Process have to be accounted for, in a life transparently lived and in intimate sacred spaces of testing and proving.

On the Island of Naituaba these essential comprehensive components are also not active and alive as Living Leela Process fully manifest, tested and proven. 

As I continued this morning, moved in Bright Satsang and Love for devotees and all beings,  I looked up what was given online to approaching Bright Adi Da aspirants and practicing devotees. I found these two links below.

Sadly the content herein offered is partial.  The "invitation" is narrow in it's scope and demeanor. This  doorway does not represent Bright Adi Da's Process in Full. Errors in communication are also made. This offering here is a religion business consumer's invitation, with revisions in tact. This is propaganda based on the narrative that took hold of Bright Adi Da's World Work.

This needs to be pointed out for no other reason than Reality Truth Itself and fidelity to Brightness Alone. 

Because this is so, I too am not a participant in a fully established and rightly aligned Process of sacred orders and structures and mechanisms of intimacy.

Because I and others point this truth and Truth out we are denied access and service by present time governance and authority. And unable  to cooperatively enable the transformation and honest establishment required. 

Avatar Adi Da Samraj:

"The Way of Adidam has unique characteristics, and they are all based on the tangible Spiritual Transmission Given by My Avataric Divine Grace. They are not based on philosophy or thinking or techniques. The entire process in My Company is based on the devotional and (in due course) Spiritual relationship to Me, and not on any technique of seeking. If you want to know that this process in My Company is true, then experience Me. That is all. It is not about believing something or merely thinking that it is so. It is a matter of approaching Me as a devotee, in this searchlessly Me-Beholding manner of true devotion. . . . Your turning to Me and My Transmission of My Own Spiritual Presence — My "Bright" Spiritual Transmission in response to you — these two together, that is Adidam."


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