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"Clean Up, Wake Up, Grow Up"

Thank you again Ken, your passion to bring insight/recommendations to/for human immaturity is understandable. Especially given the present engrained problems humanity, as a whole, have demonstrated thus far. It is "fair enough" to say, as a generalization, that the unconscious shadow is/has not been sufficiently dealt with by humanity, in any arena of life. And, yes!, also in religious and spiritual seekers who are often desperately needy because of their feeling awareness of human problems and suffering and thus, deeply yearning for freedom. Seekers, who are either beginning students or advanced students or even adept practitioners,  playing whatever roles within any old or new tradition/ culture/program, are often vulnerable to being unconsciously  activated (making choices) and moved by these unconscious cyclical repetitive universal/cosmic forces that define all beings (gross, subtle or causal).

Adi Da's life and teachings and process were given and based upon and are precisely about the ego act, identity/experience/content/patterning (shadow play) that obstructs True Freedom (not about delusions, bypass or escape).

I personally understand and responsibly practice beyond (in full excruciating detail) this "shadow/light dynamic". It is a constant struggle and ordeal.  Coined, comprehensively, as radical understanding of  "the psycho biography of the ego" in relationship to the whole "esoteric anatomy of the body-mind-self", unique to each human being.

This radical process in Reality Itself, practiced in detail via self-understanding, encompasses, embraces, takes responsibility for all of what you necessarily, easily and clearly speak of here (see link above). Awakening growth and full Realization is not possible otherwise.

There are deluded cultists who assume and pronounce otherwise...

An equally necessary addition to what you elaborate on, Adi Da reveals the Source/ Context of  Conscious Light that is Being-Reality Self, (all inclusive) radiating Love Bliss  ("beyond"  Witness, which is non exclusive of all arising). This Love Bliss enables, by illumination/transmission, constant and all pervading, True responsibility and matured developmental freedom  relative to all aspects of life and relationships, universally.

It is also clear very few people were/are keen to embrace Adi Da's Heart Wisdom Way because it is real and a most difficult ordeal of growth, outgrowing and awakening and "selfless" service. This new and unique yoga that takes full responsibility for shadow and ego self transcendence,  can only happen via awakened intuition, recognizing the Divine Self Condition which enables unqualified, in love relationship to all beings and things.

At Adi Da's time of death, He indicated NO ONE had sufficiently responded to his work or teaching, nor was what he brought into this world, tested and proved or authenticated.

Even all those who have ever responded to Adi Da and his life work have yet to fully understand and embrace, cooperatively test and prove or fully respect what He offered.

Do you feel  you have sufficiently responded in order to  Radically understand your own shadow persona and activity?

This question  is being asked here in response to your not acknowledging the profound details within Adi Da's Teachings, that go into remarkable depth, around the matters addressed here in this interview (see above link).  You open by stating this insight is absent on the world stage of processes offered.

Yes, absent in terms of individual and cultural demonstration. Yet not absent as if there has never been any Teacher or Realizer who elucidated these key matters of responsibility nor demonstrated this kind of humanly responsible religious, spiritual transcendental transfiguration or transformation process. This is simply not true. Adi Da has.

I heart intuit you are aware of this....and are even attempting to carry forth with much of Adi Da's Teachings? Yet, without Adi Da, the "controversial source", being consistently given due respect and gratefully  acknowledged. Doing so without also drawing unbalanced  negative attention to "his flaws".

This error is a disservice to humanity. Especially seekers.

My heart prayer is that you, by going beyond your own shadow impulses, are able to correct this deliberately public rebuke of Adi Da that you have chosen to put out into the world.


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