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Evelyn Rules

The reason the gathering of Adi Da devotees, calling itself "Adidam", lacks integrity and is cultically insular and is not growing is because there is no True and Real, by visible and transparent and intimate testing and proving,  governing order at the "core".

This is one principle reason why the "culture/community/mission/institution/samrajya" is not self rightening according to the laws Bright Adi Da has made abundantly clear. He indicated that the entire gathering of beings that came around him,  of "all-and All", until the day he passed away, deliberately refused to do so. Why? in order to maintain egoic control of and prevent Bright Reality Process from manifesting. And to scapegoat HIM for this failure and refusal. "Lovers and devotees" indeed. He gave all the Means required. Yet they have been misused and refused. 

Flat so: Narcissus. Tricky devil i/you/we are, Evelyn, in all shapes, sounds, shades and symbols. 

Why is the collective agreeing to continue this charade, when the dark consequences are so extremely abundant and clear? 

No time or space of body-mind-universe as separate self or thing is required for an honest True Heart response.  

Adi Da:

"Unless they are specifically prevented from doing so, all systems will spontaneously righten themselves. The universe is a self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening process. All systems are self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening—unless something interferes with the self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening process. The current power-structures in the human world are actually preventing the self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening process of humankind from happening.

The political, social, economic, and cultural patterning (and hierarchy of expectations and demands) of collective human life-systems is organized in the likeness (and by an extension) of the functions of the human brain and nervous system.

The human brain and nervous system is, characteristically, patterned to allow (and to seek, and to reward) a limited range of possible experiences and possible forms of knowledge—and the human brain and nervous system is also, characteristically, patterned to avoid (and to prevent, and even to punish) experiences and forms of knowledge that are not within the otherwise limited range of allowable (and, thus, seekable and rewardable) experiences and forms of knowledge.

Thus, and likewise, and by extension, all collective human political, social, economic, and cultural life-systems are (in accordance with the particular “personality profile” of the particular system in each case) strictly organized to allow (and to purpose, and to reward) only certain limited possibilities of experience and knowledge, and, otherwise, to disallow (and to restrictively prevent, and to punish)  all possibilities of experience and knowledge that do not correspond to the designs of the particular case of human collectivity."


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