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Freely Given, Offering Necessary

2008   Adi Da Samraj Completes His summary Essay “The Boundless Self-Confession”, which is included in The Aletheon and other “Source-Texts”.

Commentary: From the beginning of any devotee recognition response, the seed of Radical Reality Relationship is permanently established. This radical root devotion is the Context and Pattern each devotee is held to account for. This is the Primary True Heart Yoga, wherein each devotee is attracted into and husbanded by an authentic culture of accountability, His Pattern. Everything else, as a maturing responsibility and participatory process, is necessary yet secondary.


Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Writes:

“Now, and forever hereafter, all human beings will be able to recognize Me by Sighting My Divine Avataric Murti-Sign. Now, and forever hereafter, all human beings will be able to resort to Me through their sensitivity to My Transcendental Spiritual Presence here, Shown to their Sight through My Bodily Visible Murti-Sign. Now, and forever hereafter, all-and-All will have Access to Me by Means of My Divine Avataric Murti-Sign. Now, and forever hereafter, I Am Always Transcendentally Spiritually Present here. Now, and forever hereafter, I have Accomplished All of This. Now, and forever hereafter, all that is required is the Sighting of Me. All of devotion and all of practice follows on That.

Abide in whole-bodily-responsive devotional recognition of Me—and, thus and thereby, forget all-and-All. Divinely Self-Recognize all-and-All in (and As) Me—and, Thus and Thereby, Outshine the cosmic domain. Outshine the ‘world’, the body, and the mind—That Is the Transcendental Spiritual Process in My Divine Avataric Company. Nothing more needs to be Said about This. Everything could be Said about This—and, therefore, I have Spoken everything. Nevertheless, it is My devotee’s Sighting of Me—rather than My Saying the Reality-Truth—that makes the Way of Me Awaken and Proceed.”

The Perfect Freedom That Is Adidam Ruchiradam Shows Itself through the intrinsically ego-transcending process of ‘radical’ (or always ‘at-the-root’) devotional surrender to Me, right-life obedience to Me, and Transcendental Spiritual Awakening to the ‘Perfect Knowledge’ of Me.

The entire Way I have Revealed and Given Is simply the Perfect Happening of the Perfect Freedom of devotional Communion with Me, based on whole-bodily-responsive devotional recognition of Me. There is not anything else. There does not need to be any ‘technique’ described. I have Given All that is required. I have Communicated All that is required. Devotion to Me.

Am here. That changes everything. I Am not merely here Bodily. I Am Perfectly Coincident with all-and-All, and I Am Bodily Shown. I can be Sighted forever. My Murti can be preserved, and I can be approached by devotion. Recognition of Me is all. Recognition of Me is Liberation. Recognition of Me demonstrates all of devotion, renunciation, and Realization.

Devotional recognition of Me Is the Way of Me. My Divine Avataric Gift Is Full. My Divine Avataric Gift Is everywhere—for everyone. My Divine Avataric Gift Is—in all of Its Forms—Liberally Given.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

Foundation "Offering" Required. Adidam Ruchiradam as an entire (no one excluded) Collective (thousands already directly initiated/seeded in Radical Reality Truth) is still in the foundation establishment of the offerings (gifts/signs) required to authenticate Adi Da's Bright Sangha as Conscious Light Instrumentality. The below paragraph addresses the necessary reciprocation, while Adi Da's Self Confession Irrevocably Coincides. This Satsang Awakened responsibility is required to make right use of Siddha Da's Darshan. This remarkably ecstatic, serious, challenging Process requires "everything" of any true aspirant. Simply belonging or sitting on the side lines full of bargaining options, opinions, revisions, illusions and errors halts the flow of the "Transaction of Blessings and Transmission". Only a total collective transformation provides the offerings (gifts/signs) required. No separate selves involved in this Reality Process. Reality Laws and Siddhis alone allow the consummate "exchange". OM MA DA

See below an excerpt from A Discourse Given by Adi Da Samraj on February 4, 1993

DEVOTEE: You actually addressed my question when I spoke on the phone earlier today about different signs of Your Spirit-Baptism.

SRI DA AVABHASA: "You wanted to talk about Spirit-Baptism, and I told you to practice the discipline I have Given you. Still you wanted to go on to talk about Spirit Baptism. I have noticed in general about this gathering that you all do not want to take seriously the listening-hearing process. You want to become involved in what you might think is Spiritual practice and Spiritual phenomena, and you want to bypass the fundamental asana of the Way of the Heart, which is true hearing, Without, that foundation, all the stages that follow the beginning are simply developmental stages of the ego. You can practice the Advanced disciplines of the fourth stage, the fifth stage, or the sixth stage of life in the Way of the Heart, but without the foundation of true hearing all you are doing is developing; experience and developing the potential of each of those stages of life.

That is not the Way of the Heart. The Way of the Heart is to, be first equipped with most fundamental self-understanding so that you can likewise transcend the egoic limits in the advanced and the ultimate stages, as they may arise. But I have observed in you over all these years a lack of seriousness about the fundamental process of listening and hearing. I have observed in, you the inclination' to be rather soft about all that, slow about it all, neglectful about it, wanting to console, yourself with Spiritual experiences, so-called, or experiences of one kind or another that distract you, comfort you, and console you in the midst of the self-contraction. That is why you want them. That is why you like them when they arise. That is why you want; to repeat them. That is why you seek them.

Without most fundamental self-understanding, your motive for experiences in the advanced and the ultimate stages of life is exactly, the same motive that possesses you in your pursuit of things in the first three stages of life the stress of self contraction. The self-contraction must be observed, understood, transcended, and it must become a matter of your responsibility. All the potential experiences in the constructed body-mind are transcendable--they can be transcended. Only when the totality of self contraction is transcended do you become aware of the Room you are in, the Place of Existence Itself, the Divine Self-Domain.

Until then, you are aware of the construct of your own contraction, your own separateness. Without most fundamental self-understanding, even the profound, experiences that may be awakened in the advanced and the ultimate stages' of life are without consequences of a great kind.

This is the difference between the Way of the Heart and the traditional paths, which in general pursue developmental ends, experiences to console the contracted disposition. In the Way of the Heart, there is no great significance to the investigation of the phenomena of the advanced and the ultimate, stages of life in and of themselves. You are to deal with what is already arising, the motivations that are already in you, the tendencies that are already in you. There are plenty of them already. Practicing rightly in that circumstance, then, you come to understand the fundamental error and become have a clear opportunity to transcend your fundamental dilemma, or disease. Our discussion, then, must relate to the more ordinary things that are arising and that are impediments to your moving on.

If I were entering into this "consideration" with a gathering that is practicing the Way of the Heart in the context of the fifth stage of life, well, then, we could discuss the phenomena characteristic of that stage. It is not the case, however., You are all in the beginnings of this Way of life. In general, you are entering into the beginnings of the fourth stage of life, but the experiential context of your bondage is the first three stages of life. Fundamentally, it is so. Whatever other random experiences you may also have, or have had, at this point in your practice of the Way of the Heart, the first three stages of life are the root-circumstance of, your seeking and dis-ease.

In Truth, this moment is already the Divine Self-Domain, yet you think this moment is this perceived room where you sit separately in your stress. Therefore, you cannot see the Room that is the Divine- Reality, cannot 'experience It, enjoy It, acknowledge' It. This disability is what we must address. I am here to enable you to transcend it to the point of most fundamental self-understanding, or true hearing, and to make the passage experientially on that basis into greater advancement."

See below a link to the February 4, 1993 Discourse published on the Beezone Library

Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008


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